The Path of the Chef: Streamlining Restaurant Operations


chefThe concept of the restaurant business can be simplified to preparing and serving food to guests. That is probably the only thing simple in the restaurant industry.

For restaurateurs, from Melbourne to Brisbane, things can get out of hand easily. To keep the food good, and the service effective, streamline your restaurant operations.

Keep the Menu Manageable

One of the most common mistakes restaurant managers make is devising a very long menu. Many restaurateurs assume that offering customers a wide variety is appealing, but the truth is far from that. If your restaurant is fairly new, start with a small menu.

A small menu lets the business establish its core, signature dishes. This way, the crew can perfect it and you have room to introduce weekly or monthly specials.

Efficient Food Sourcing

Most amateur chefs or restaurateurs believe that the key to producing good food is using the best and freshest ingredients. After all, wholesale food suppliers in Melbourne like Simon George & Sons offer high quality fruits and vegetables. While this is true, it is not necessarily the best option in a restaurant setting.

A restaurant is a business with profits and costs, so you do not always have the luxury of getting the best. You cannot be remiss in this as well, so learn to compromise.

Assess your menu. Know which ingredients can be store-bought and which needs fresh sourcing. This way, you get the best of both worlds.

Be Consistent

In any restaurant, food consistency is key. Consistency means serving food that tastes right—everytime. There should be no major deviations to provide a good dining experience. If the food is good one day, then bad the next, the customers might never come back.

To do this, constantly drill your kitchen team. Have them taste their cooking before they serve it. This ensures that the food quality is good any day of the week.

To run an effective restaurant, startwith the core principles. Before you start expanding and exploring new concepts, have everything sorted out.

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