There’s Work in Fitness: The Great Demand for Fitness Professionals


FitnessAre you passionate about health and well-being? Thinking of turning your interest in fitness into a career?  Then, a career in the fitness industry is perfect for you.

Not many are aware about the growing needs for health and fitness services. A study shows there is a 30% increase in people who signed up with a Personal Trainer in 2013, as compared with the previous year. Moreover, the personal training industry is growing at an average of 4.8% annually.

What is behind the great demand for fitness professionals? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Medical professionals now openly endorse and prescribe physical activity as a recognized treatment and prevention measure against obesity, cardiovascular related diseases, and other conditions associated with ageing. Statistics show these health conditions are continually on the rise. Industry authorities have proven how lifestyle changes have an impact on reducing the risks of these conditions.
  • Considering the busy schedules that people have, many start to favour fitness above other forms of physical activity, such as organized sports. For those who want to make a career in this industry, recommends a Cert 3 in Fitness course.
  • Fitness services cater to an increasing variety of groups with specific needs, including yoga for pregnant women.
  • The wide coverage given by tri-media to fitness and its benefits has generally caught the attention and interest of many people.

Not everyone can just claim to be a fitness trainer and provide workout programmes. To become a qualified fitness professional, you need to complete a fitness qualification. The minimum qualification required to start working as a fully qualified Gym Instructor is a Cert 3 in Fitness. The SIS30313 Certificate III in Fitness is a great, flexible option, as you can take part- or full-time work. With the right programmes, you can jumpstart your career and help people achieve their fitness goals.

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