Three Denim Looks You Can Nail

couple wearing denim jeans

It first started as working clothes for miners because of its durability. Now, denim has evolved into a fashion staple worldwide. In America alone, 450 million pairs of denim jeans are sold annually.

Many American stars have sported denim looks throughout history. Among them are Elvis Presley, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.

Because it’s more than a century old, you’d think there’s little left to do with denim. But the fashion world is getting more and more creative by the second. You should catch up.

Wild, Wild, West

If your lifestyle requires heavy-duty apparel, go with cinch clothing. This is perfect for cowboys and workers. For adventure-seekers, like rodeo riders, A.A. Callister recommends wearing jeans without embellishments for freer movement.

Durability and comfort are your top priorities if you have an active lifestyle. Cinch fashion can give you those.

Make a Statement

A tight budget should not stop you from being fashionable. Recycle your jeans and style them yourself. Embroidered jeans let you make a statement. Patch up your denim jeans with images or characters.

If you’re not the crafty type, though, an excellent old blade might be the answer to your fashion needs. Mark where you want the rips to be and then carefully distress the fabric.

During summer, altering your old jeans into shorts is also a good idea.

Denim Top

Denim isn’t only for jeans. It’s stylish even when worn as a jacket. Denim jackets look good when paired with a tank top or plain shirt, blue jeans and sneakers. With the right cut and thickness, denim jackets can be worn by anyone at any season.

For outgoing women, denim dress can be a go-to look. It’s apt for a casual dinner date or a night out with friends.

To tweak a classic is risky. You may think denim is perfect as it is: blue and plain. But, the thing about fashion is that, while it’s cyclical, it’s also revolutionary.

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