Three Mitsubishi Vehicles for Your Unique Needs

Mitsubishi Vehicles

Mitsubishi VehiclesAutomobile manufacturer Mitsubishi has come a long way from the days of the Model-A, the first mass production passenger car introduced in 1917 by the company, when it was still the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Now, this icon of modern automotive engineering has a passenger vehicle for just about every type of driver. lists down three of the most popular Mitsubishi models you can choose from, based on your lifestyle, driving style and personal preferences.


Small, agile and highly fuel-efficient for a non-hybrid, the micro-compact hatch is perfect for a first car. At just almost $20,000, it’s the car of choice for many single people, especially students or fresh graduates who have just earned enough from their first job. It’s not just economical to buy and use; it’s also cheap to maintain. Mitsubishi parts in NZ are easy to find and are reasonably priced.

Pajero Sport

Bigger families or those who simply want versatility in a vehicle will be hard-pressed to find better deals than the Pajero Sport. From Mitsubishi’s flagship vehicle, the Pajero Sport is an SUV that combines space, versatility, power and economy. A 2.4 Litre DiD MIVEC engine capable of 8.0 litres per 100km ensures you can transport your family and friends, tow a trailer, and still expect surprisingly agile and economical performance.


The Lancer is known as a Kiwi tradition, so you’ve probably owned one before, or know someone who has. It is still one of the best compact cars in many parts of the world. Fast and safe, this car is what you’ll expect from a pedigree of on and off-road racing courtesy of the Lancer Evolution. At only about 36,000, the versatile Lancer is practically a steal.

These are only three of the new vehicles available from Mitsubishi. Whether you want economy, speed or carrying or towing capacity, there’s a Mitsubishi for you.

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