Tips to Make Your Office Move Successful


OfficeMoving can be a stressful period for commercial establishments, but it can be even more nerve-wracking if the number of staff and equipment is larger. Planning and getting help from qualified removalists from the beginning of the move will help ease the stress to a large extent.

You will find many companies who can help you pack and move in Perth. Hire one of them as soon as you have decided to shift. It requires meticulous and careful planning, working out the logistics, etc.

As an office manager, there a few things you need to ensure so that the move is successful. These are:
  • Locate a good place to remove your office to. advises that it must have adequate space for all existing furniture, equipment and staff.
  • Begin planning a few months before and involve the staff during this process. Dispose of old and unused items with the consensus of all involved.
  • Gradually change the address at all the necessary platforms, such as websites, advertising material, official stationery, etc. Include the new telephone numbers, if possible.
  • Notify all clients, partners and suppliers well in advance and send a reminder when you actually move.
  • Hire a moving company well in advance so you can involve a dedicated manager from their side in the planning process.
  • In the days leading up to the move, you will undertake a specific set of tasks. Make appropriate checklists for every department and give it to the concerned staff member. Staff members can receive several tasks that they need to do, and a deadline for each task.
  • Supervise the packing at the old place and the unpacking at the new premises. Close down the business, if necessary, for a few days until you have settled everything down at the new location.

In spite of meticulous planning, things can go wrong, so prepare for any unexpected situations. Ensure that the lighting and telephone systems are operational at the new place at least a week in advance. Liaison well with the hiring company, and you can find any solution to a problem that may crop up in the course of the move.

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