Types of Court Reporters and Which Settings Suit Them

court room case with two judges and a stenographer

The task of a court reporter sounds simple and straightforward; recording words spoken and events that occur during a hearing, disposition, or arbitration.

However, these reports are used for legal purposes. As such, all court reporters must have the required skills, speed, and accuracy. Phoenixdepositionservices.com highlights three categories of court reporters to help you identify one who is best suited for your case.

Steno Mask Reporters

This category is popular in a political hearing and has a highly accurate recording ability to grasp anything said in the courtroom. The mask is the recording device that allows a reporter to repeat all the words spoken in the courtroom.

The mask comes with a silencing device which allows the reporter to talk to the mic with the rest of the courtroom not hearing anything said.

Steno Typing Reporter

In this category, the reporter uses a shorthand typewriter-like device known as stenograph. This device allows for pressing of multiple keys at the same time thus inputting information at a very high speed.

In most cases, the stenograph will be connected to a computer to give the attorney a consistent stream of things said running across the monitor in real time.

Electronic Recording

This is the most modern court reporting method. Normally, video recording is not allowed in a courtroom; however, the device can record any sounds and words spoken in the room.

This is the most straightforward of the three court reporting options, it does, however, not give the typed real-time stream provided by the two other methods.

The category of court reporter suitable for each case depends largely on preference and need. If you need real-time transcripts, either steno mask or steno typing will do. However, if the courtroom has poor acoustics, electronic recording is a better option.

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