Understanding Friendly Separation and Conscious Uncoupling

Uncoupling and DivorceYou may have heard it from a celebrity gossip site or you may already be familiar with the principles behind it but did not just have the time to really ponder on it. It is creating a buzz in marriage and divorce circles, and almost everyone is talking about it. 

Will this spell the demise of divorce lawyers? Not necessarily, says matthewsfamilylawyers.com.

Conscious Uncoupling

Known basically as the objective realization of the divorce process, the principles of conscious uncoupling has been around for more than 4 decades already. However, since Gwyneth Paltrow revealed that she and her husband of 10 years Chris Martin are consciously uncoupling, the term became a buzzword for many divorcees.

Conscious uncoupling looks at marriage not as a lifetime commitment but rather more as a teacher-learner relationship where both husband and wife teach and learn from each other. It describes the processes that divorcing couples have to undergo in order to create better, more cooperative, and generally life-affirming covenants as well as foundations. This is aimed at setting both parties to move on happily forward with their lives.

Requirements for Conscious Uncoupling

More as an amiable approach to terminating the marriage, conscious uncoupling requires the conscious effort on both partners to really work together to end the marriage in the happiest note possible. This requires looking at the positive aspect of the marriage and how the relationship has helped each other discover their true potentials and characteristics unknown to them at the start.

Generally, in order for conscious uncoupling to work, both partners must strive for the following.

  • Acceptance of each other’s responsibilities
  • Doing the right things only for the right reasons primarily for the benefit of children
  • Friendly and cordial relationship with mutual respect
  • Acts of genuine kindness
  • Gracious separation
Implications to Divorce Lawyers                                      

When conscious uncoupling really works, there may not be a need for a divorce lawyer anymore. Legally speaking, uncontested divorces do not require a lawyer. The petition must only adhere to some legal requirements and it can already be considered legal and binding. The point is, in uncontested divorce, both partners are in agreement over separating amicably, something that conscious uncoupling espouses.

Will conscious uncoupling threaten the services of divorce lawyers? Not very likely. It is human nature to dwell in the past where negativity resides. There will always be divorcing couples who will squabble over their rights. And unless everyone gets sold in the idea of conscious uncoupling, a Denver divorce lawyer will still be needed.

Conscious uncoupling is just a glamorized term to separating as good friends. This is the magic of Hollywood where even simple, very basic ideas, can be repackaged and sold to an otherwise oblivious society that is fully dependent on what celebrities talk about.

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