Understanding People’s Different Views on Dental Care

Dentist with patient

There are many perceptions related to dental clinics. Each group of people looks at dentists quite differently. The views may not vary as much as those related to other medical issues such as abortion and euthanasia. But it’s still important to analyse the attitude of people towards quality dental clinics to understand and appreciate the industry. According to Booragoon Dental Clinic, people visiting dentists can be broadly classified into the following groups:

  • Parents
  • Kids
  • Teenagers
  • Adult professionals
  • Elderly citizens

Parents – They always want their kids to be the best at everything. Every aspect of their children’s life is carefully monitored – especially during the early years. Their oral health is no different. Parents themselves may not have the best of oral hygiene, but they still want their children to have the best set of teeth ever. They feel that visiting the dentist regularly will help take care of their teeth issues.

Dentist with patient

Kids – Kids will be kids – no doubt about that. No matter how much you lecture them about clean oral habits, they’ll will indulge in eating forbidden food. At a young age, it’s important to teach them oral care basics such as brushing twice daily and visiting dentists once every three months.

Teenagers – They’re slightly better than their younger counterparts. They’re big enough to understand their oral problems and with the Internet, they gain access to knowledge on proper oral care. They know the important roles dentists play in the overall maintenance of their teeth.

Adult professionals – They always make it a point to befriend their regular dentists. They’re working people and don’t have enough time to spare for dental care. But they’re aware that having a good smile boosts their confidence at work.

Elderly – The teeth weaken as people grow old and inadequate care can be a real enemy. Though this group has a lot of time at their disposal, a large percentage still doesn’t give importance to oral health.


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