Want more Matches? Creating the Perfect Tinder Profile

Guy Taking Primary Photo For His Dating AppJudging a book by its cover can be inevitable at times — and when you’re on a dating app like Tinder, looks definitely matter. Women make snap judgments on the Tinder profiles they come across, with only about 14% ending in a hard right swipe. So, get your profile up to scratch and improve your chances with the ladies.

Flaunt Your Personality on Your Main Photo

Some women will only bother looking at your main photo before swiping left or right, so don’t screw it up! Make sure it’s a solo picture that flaunts your personality. If you like to travel, do sports or have a nice car, now is the time to show that off. Don’t forget to smile: it’s a brilliant way to bring out your flirtatious side. Bow House a Centre of Dental Excellence, suggests you visit your dentist for teeth whitening before you pose for your photos, so you can wow the ladies your killer smile.

Show Your Lifestyle in Your Secondary Photos

Your stunning primary photo has drawn more women in, and they want to know if you’re the real deal. Make sure you have an interesting line-up of photos for them to peruse. Think of it as a way to market yourself to all the women out there, and the best way to do that is to appear confident, active and outgoing. Give her a good glimpse of your daily lifestyle through a combination of outdoor shots, a picture of yourself in a classy suit or you sipping a bottle of champagne.

Keep Your Description Short but Interesting

Your description matters, so don’t ruin the impression you’ve already made with your photos by writing some awful, trite nonsense! Keep it short and interesting enough to make those girls want to know you better. A bio that says “73% gentleman, 27% rogue” is enough to spark her curiosity, rather one that brags about speaking French or owning a private yacht. Just make sure your bio matches the personality in your photos.

Just like real-life interactions, impressing a woman means charming them right from the get-go. On Tinder, the best way to do that is by creating a well thought-out profile for the best first impression.