What Skills Do We Envy from Animals?

dog sniffing floor

Compared with animals, we seem to have gotten the short end of the stick. Granted, we do not need to be bioluminescent or to run at great speeds, and we certainly do not need to excrete black ink or an intolerable odour when we are living within the safety of our homes. Animals need these skills to survive in nature. Still, wouldn’t it be nice if we could get a few of their enhanced skills?

These animals are especially blessed in certain areas:


Forget Spider-man’s overused reference to radioactive spiders for a moment. The ability to shoot webs is not the most useful skill you should envy from spiders. They are able to reach hard-to-access spaces and they are nimble enough to do so within seconds.

You may hate that they can hide when you are ready to catch them, only to conveniently reappear to taunt you later. If you could have the same abilities, your life will be easier. Good thing, as Monitor Lifts and other experts explain, a spider lift hire (yes, that is its name) can provide you with equipment that has a wide reach and is useful enough for several industries. This is the closest you can get to have spider-like skills, especially if you install roadside signs as part of your job.


They are not man’s best friend for no reason. Dogs are known for their empathy, and they can even be trained to be so attuned to the changes in your behaviour that they can act as a service animal. They literally save lives. Even your dog at home does not need training to be the cuddly and sweet companion that you can only aspire to be. You come home to their warm greetings and should a stranger act aggressively towards you, your canine companion is ready to defend you.


Scottish Fold cat lying on the back

Cats and dogs have always been the top two contenders when it comes to human’s best companion. They each have their merit, and the world is divided into cat lovers and dog lovers. You do not need to pick a side to appreciate their sense of balance, which is simply unmatched. Now, imagine if humans had the same feline grace that will have you landing on your feet even if you fall from a great height. It would surely minimise incidents of broken ankles and minor accidents due to slips and falls. Think of our elderly and how that can make their lives safer.


There are several hawk species, each with their own unique physical characteristics. What makes them the most efficient bird of prey, however, is their astounding vision. A regular human only sees one-eighth of the distance that a hawk can see, and this makes them an enviable hunter, if you are human, or a scary predator, if you are their prey. Humans, thankfully, can see scenes farther than the naked eye can see if they are skilled in long-distance photography. There are lenses that focus on capturing great detail even from a distance, but it takes some skill to masterfully use this for your shots. Telescopes also help us see far, especially when you are looking up to the stars.

We may not have the balance or the vision that these animals are known for, but what we do have is the capacity to think. Whatever we lack, we can invent and use tools to supplement them.

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