What to Do When You’ve Been Involved in a Work Accident

Personal Injury

Personal InjuryWhen you’ve been in an accident at work, you should be compensated, at the very least. Your company should have some insurance in place to pay for medical bills and compensate you for damages and suffering. While the ideal scenario is that you have a company liaison handling the medical bills and expenses, this is not the usual case.

Here are some things you should do when you’ve been in a work accident and you’re looking for personal injury compensation:

• Have your statement written down

If you’re coherent or able, it’s best that you get the events of your accident written down as soon as possible. Your insurance claims and other documents to be filed need an account of what happened so it’s best to have someone write it down for you.

• Contact a lawyer or legal agent

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need lawyers all the time. You can ask legal agents, paralegals and other workers from a legal resource company to represent you or at least do all the paperwork for you. These people know their way around government offices and insurance companies. Be sure to find someone specialised in handling these cases. Most legal resource companies have specific people for every kind of case—don’t hesitate to ask about their experience.

• Keep records of your medical expenses

Demanding personal injury compensation means you have to provide proof that you were injured. Ask the hospital, doctor or even your HR officer on what they can provide for documenting your accident or personal injury.

Even if the accident or injury happened in the middle of the night, calling a lawyer or legal professional immediately is the best thing to do. Keep in mind that there are a lot of legal offices open 24 hours a day to help anyone in need of assistance at all times.

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