What to Expect in Birth Injury Lawsuit

Birth Injury CaseWhen your child suffers from an injury because of medical negligence, you can file a lawsuit against the health care provider responsible for your child’s injury. This is to get the compensation you deserve, which can help you provide the right care and support your baby needs.

Filing a lawsuit requires the help of a birth injury lawyer. This helps you file a case and notify the parties that you think are responsible for the acquired injury. The involved doctors or hospital will have to notify their insurance providers and turn over the defense of the case to their lawyers.

The Discovery Stage

Discovery is one part of the lawsuit, which refers to the collection of information or necessary documents about the other parties. At this point, the opposing party will ask for medical records and other supporting documents. This also involves interrogation between parties, as well as a process called deposition.

Settlement between Parties

Birth injury and cerebral palsy lawyers in Georgia note that sometimes, cases can be settled at the discovery stages. This happens when the other party offers to settle for an amount. Your lawyer will let you know about settlement amount, but you always have the final decision. If you settle, the case ends. If you and the other party, however, can’t agree on an amount, the case will go to trial.

Minding Your State Limits

Keep in mind that each state has time limits or statutes of limitation for birth injury lawsuits. In some states, the limitation may be longer when the case involved an injured infant. This is why it is important to know more about the policies in your state when filing a birth injury lawsuit.

If a medical practitioner is to blame for your child’s injury, contact an experienced attorney. This is to know more about your claim and the appropriate settlement amount you may obtain. The lawyer will also assist in filing the lawsuit in the court and negotiating with the medical malpractice defense attorneys.

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