A Woman’s Confidence: The Importance of Looking Good

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glamorous womanAcclaimed British writer Penelope Lively once said “…physical appearance can often direct a person’s life; things happen differently for a beautiful one than for a plain one.” This holds true even today. Any person will notice beautiful women better and no one will argue they are closer to bigger opportunities.

The real standard of beauty is a matter of great contest. Most say real beauty comes from great personality, others say from good health, while there are those argue that physical appearance still counts. The truth is that all three are important and even interrelated.

A great personality drives a person to pursue better health, which, in turn, reflects physically. A pretty face definitely has to do with good health and hygiene, which boosts confidence. This is what shops like redstellasalonaustin.com believe in: the importance of looking good.

The Power of Make-Up

Red lips give an impression of power while smoky eyes give off an aura of mystery. It’s amazing how makeup can amplify a woman’s feature and create a persona that can either be an improved version of herself or a different one. Make-up gives a glimpse of what a woman can be and what she can have.

A Lesson from “The Beehive”

This iconic 60s beehive ‘do tells a lot about how much hairstyle can define a personality. The beehive screams attention while loose, flowing hair is more laid-back. Curly waves suggest playfulness while straight hair projects a no-nonsense attitude. Short, cropped hair is rebellious while long locks are more feminine. In short, hairstyles project a person’s image.

Clear Skin: The Mirror of Health

Complexion is the biggest bridge of the three aspects of beauty. A healthy lifestyle greatly contributes to a person’s positive outlook and gives off a certain glow. A blotchy and parched skin may imply sickness, which can be a cause of low self-esteem.

No woman will deny she is not bothered by her looks. Even if they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, physical appearance is still a big factor for boosting self-confidence.

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