Wood is Popular for Carriage House Custom Garage Doors

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House Custom DoorsWhen you prefer the timeless and classic elegance, then you should have wooden custom garage doors. Wood is beautiful and can be etched or engraved on easily. No wonder that wood is the most popular option for these doors and highly scores over aluminum, copper, vinyl and steel.

Here are some factors that may convince you to choose wood when selecting a garage door.

  • Versatility of wood

Irrespective of the kind of home you have, you will find that wood is able to complement the décor. The wooden garage doors come in a variety of designs and styles that you will wonder which one to pick for your needs. The material is very versatile and come in a variety of wood types and budgets too. Timber is normally preferred as it is easy to maintain, repair and does not dent easily. Timber is also not very expensive when used for custom garage doors. Perth owners will be delighted to use it.

  • Different types of doors

Wooden doors are well crafted by skillful craftsmen and customized to fit your home perfectly. You can also get door styles with sections typically of four sections. These can be designed to swing outward or move sideways as you might have seen in some conventional homes. You can also get paneled doors which have back panels made from mahogany. This lends to the aesthetics and also to the strength of the door. If you wish, you can also have window panes on all the panels that have stained glass or frosted glass design.

  • Other kind of carriage style doors

There are other carriage style doors which are available in many dimensions, sizes and styles. These can be customized to your specific design needs. This carriage door can be a great replacement for your garage doors as they are fit for all kinds of weather conditions. You can also have raised or recessed panels, custom glazed finish, stained or painted styles. There are also three layer panels which includes a back panel, an insulation layer and a face panel.

Thus you will find that wood is best suited for carriage doors for your garage in terms of beauty, functionality and durability.

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