You Won’t Believe These Excavator Operators’ Skills

Excavator Operators’ SkillsEach heavy equipment worker has his own sets of skills that set him apart from his co-workers. These are some of the awesome skills of digger operators that will make you exclaim wow in amazement.

Construction projects are busy work, or so you thought. During break time, you may witness some excavator operators showing off their amazing skills to their co-workers. Their seemingly impossible and skilful moves with their equipment can cause you to think they would definitely start looking for new diggers for sale tomorrow, but no. They have exemplary skill sets that can make their equipment dance like a ballerina without breaking anything.

The Climber

Have you seen an excavator climb a steep and almost vertical embankment? Yes, they can do that. Not that they’re built for doing that but their design and mechanisms, plus the excellent skills of their drivers allow them to do that. A demonstration of a similar skillset has been featured on the Instead of a steep incline, the operator climbed a vertical tower. How amazing can that be. 

A Skill Companies Would Love

It’s a skill that could make you one of the most sought-after digger operators. Construction and mining companies often look for this type of skillsets because some of their projects may involve going down or up a steep incline or embankment. Poorly-trained operators who don’t have such skillset are known to crash their excavators to the ground.


This is a fairly common skillset that most excavator operators have, yet something that takes time to learn and perfect. It involves loading an excavator up a flatbed truck to be transported to another place. It’s against the law to drive an excavator on a public road or highway. Trucks must carry them to their construction or mining sites. Although tag trailer trucks that have retractable ramps that make it easy for bucket chain excavators to climb up, there are times when diggers have to make do without ramps.

More than just the basics taught by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or Worksafe, these skillsets establish the bar between the experts and the beginners. How so? These skill sets need time to perfect and master. This is why operators who can perform this with ease and mastery are singled out by companies for hiring. With enough practice, you can also do this. When that time comes, you’ll surely earn the admiration of your co-workers.

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