Your Skin’s Undertone: How It Helps When Buying Jewelry

a beautiful woman wearing jewelry

A re you wondering what piece of jewelry to get when you see a stunning designer collection? Many people are starting to get jewelry that best fits their skin undertone rather than their preferred color. Just ask The Diamond Family.

The skin’s surface tone is typically what you would label someone’s color — pale or tan, for example. The undertone, on the other hand, is the color that is below the surface layer of skin. Sharing the same color of skin as somebody doesn’t always mean you have the same undertone.

For example, if two people have the same skin color but different undertones, a certain shade of red may not do the other one justice. To get a better idea, here is a list of undertones, how to know which one you have, and what jewelry best suits you.


People with a warm undertone usually have a peachy or golden glow to their skin. They will also have greenish veins. Women with this undertone usually buy gold jewelry because it makes their skin look stunning and alive.

Rose gold and brass metals are also very flattering for those who are on the warm side. When it comes to gemstones, a warm undertone goes well with earthy colors, such as turquoise.


Cool is the opposite of warm undertones. Their undertones are pink and blueish, while their veins appear to be blue rather than green. Girls with this undertone will look brighter and dazzling sporting white golds, silver, and platinum. Red, blue, and green gemstones make a cool-undertoned woman look like she is glowing.


Neutral undertones are usually those who fall into a mix of both of the former categories. Since they both share the same attributes, they can usually wear whichever kind of metal they prefer.

A good choice for a neutral undertone is two-toned gold. It has a yellowish gold tone that suits a warm tone and the light color that is fit for a cooler tone.

Knowing your undertone can help you pick the best piece of jewelry for you. It makes a statement and lets you dazzle like never before. The world is yours for you to explore and experiment to find out what you like best.

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