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Insurance Claims: What Exactly is Bad Faith Insurance

Insurance Claim Form

Insurance Claim FormWhat if an insurance provider refuses to pay off a claim even if it’s in full compliance with a policy, or delays a claim processing? If you think that an insurance provider is not negotiating with you in good faith, what now? You could file a bad faith insurance claim.

Understanding Your Rights

As your insurance policy is like a promise that you’re paying or have already paid to insurance providers to obtain insurance protection, your provider is legally responsible for providing that promised protection. This includes negotiating and settling insurance claims in good faith. Insurance providers of third parties likewise have a good faith responsibility towards relevant injured individuals, but this responsibility is significantly less than the responsibility your provider owes you.

Understanding the Term “Bad Faith”

A bad faith insurance claim occurs when a provider, through an adjuster, has deliberately hindered your chances of pursuing a claim or engaged in fraud or lies. This includes withholding evidence or meddling with witnesses. Conversely, your insurance provider’s adjuster isn’t negotiating with you in bad faith simply if your opinions differ regarding the worth of your insurance claim.

Bad faith could exist if your adjuster refused to provide justifiable reasons concerning a significantly low settlement price or has done and said something that might be an inappropriate settlement method. If you think your adjuster is acting in bad faith, drop the term while you’re negotiating with them. If you didn’t get an appropriate response, it’s better that you put the relevant incidents in writing. Bad faith insurance lawyer in Los Angeles noted to be specific as possible when writing down incidents that you believe to be bad faith negotiations.

If you managed to prove that your insurance adjuster acted in bad faith, they have to pay damages — and this is often significantly higher than your original compensation amount. The guidelines regarding what isn’t and what is bad faith differ from one state to another, and it’s tough to win in court if you don’t get help from experts. With this in mind, get legal aid to figure out the best move for you.

What’s the Most Popular Car in New Zealand?

Ute Carrying Bikes

Cars for sale in New Zealand for 2016 underscored Kiwis’ love for a certain type of vehicle: one-tonne utes. Based on figures for new vehicle registrations in the previous year, utes accounted for five out of seven cars sold in the country. The Ford Ranger ranked on top among ute models with 8,478 registrations or 6% of the overall market for new cars nationwide.

At the rate that buyers are preferring to drive a ute, Auckland Motors says that it won’t come as a surprise that more cars are to be launched for sale in 2017.

Jack of All Trades

The reason behind the growing popularity of utes amongst Kiwis lies in their ability to accomplish different tasks and user demands — aside from being pleasing to the eye, of course. The market’s response to this trend by introducing versatile yet equally stylish vehicles in 2016 has paid off, as nearly 58% of 31,538 sold utes in 2016 comprised four-wheel drive models.

Thanks to a booming economy and an increasing number of immigrants, the car industry may see 2017 as another year of good business, according to the Motor Industry Association (MIA).

Steering Growth

MIA data showed that the strong sales record in 2016 appeared to have provided some momentum for new car sales in February, which rose to its highest year-over-year rate on record at 14.3%, according to MIA CEO David Crawford.

Factors such as record net immigration, low cost of debt and a stable economy helped buoy the industry during the month, indicating that market conditions remain favourable as the year progresses, Crawford said.

There’s no doubt that Kiwis seem to be smitten with utes due to their reputation of an all-around vehicle, which is perfect whether you often drive through a rough terrain or simply want to own a car that performs beyond your expectations.

Hot Summer Looks You Need to Try

Woman Wearing a Summer OutfitAre you excited for the summer? The sun is finally making its way to the skies and you can’t wait to finally change your wardrobes.

If you’re looking for fashion inspirations, you’ve come to the right place. This guide breaks down three looks you can try during the hot summer that will keep you fresh and fashionable.


There are many variations of dresses you can wear in the summer. You will not run out of options. Here are some of them:

Maxi dresses: This dress style is not only breezy and fashionable; it is also forgiving for any body type. Maxi dresses are often sold in amazing prints, such as floral, patterns, and ethnically inspired designs.

Beach dresses: These small and cute cuts of fabric hug the body in the right places, allowing you to show off that summer body just in time for beach season. If you want to add a quirky southern vibe to this look, choose among the many straw cowboy hats for sale online.

Floral dresses: Unleash your ultra-feminine side by shopping for floral dresses to wear all summer long. This playful print is sure to turn heads.

Shirt dresses: For that ultimate dressed-down look, shop around for shirt dresses. Wear with sporty sneakers and you’ll look hip and sexy with this ensemble.

Airy tops

This look has been making a comeback and for a good reason. It’s comfortable, breezy, and allows you to move freely. If you’re planning to do a lot of traveling and moving around during the summer, airy tops are the right choice for you. Match this top with a cute pair of shorts and flip-flops, and you’ll look the part of a hip summer gal.

Swimsuit tops

If you live close to the beach, you could get away with wearing a bikini top and shorts as a whole outfit. But remember that this look doesn’t fly everywhere. Thankfully, one-piece suits are still popular and accessible these days. Make it sexy by choosing a body-hugging suit with a low back. Wear it with shorts, skirts, or even skinny jeans for that fashion forward summer look.

Ready to go shopping for summer? Make sure to have your checklist ready and get your pieces for the looks on this list!

4 Bad Habits to Avoid to Help You Avoid a Road Accident

Person in a Car AccidentHave you ever witnessed a serious road accident? You know that you never want to be part of one. Most of the road safety guidelines are simple and easy to follow. Some road users flout these rules all the time. The result is wreckage that could have been easily avoided.

Make sure that you’re not the cause of a traffic accident by avoiding these dangerous habits:

Driving poorly maintained vehicles

A poorly serviced car on the highway is a ticking time bomb. If you’re driving around Arvada, Colorado, visit a break repair shop to have your car’s brakes inspected. Faulty brakes can put you and other road users at great risk. Make sure to maintain your car’s tires, engine, suspension, and other parts regularly and appropriately.

Driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs

Drunk drivers cause the highest number of fatal accidents around the world. Drugs and alcohol impair your judgment on the road, interfering with your ability to handle the car. Whenever you are planning to drink, take a taxi home or have a designated driver.

Over speeding

Driving above the required speed limit causes numerous road accidents every year, many of which are fatal. The faster your car is moving, the greater the impact upon collision. A speeding car is also difficult to handle, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Driving while distracted

Avoid using your mobile phone while driving. You need to be fully attentive on the road, as accidents happen within split seconds. You want to have the ability to react quickly in case you need to do so. Apart from texting and calling, avoid eating or concentrating on other activities that take your attention off the road.

While a road accident can happen any time when you’re on the road, you should do your best to avoid it. By maintaining your car in the best possible condition and adhering to all driving safety guidelines, you can prevent unnecessary collisions.

Dealing with Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

Sexual Harassment Experiencing sexual harassment at work entitles you to a legal, ethical, and employee relations obligations that will support your claim. If you find it intimidating, do not let your harasser continue his wrongdoing. Instead, stand up for yourself through the following practices.

Say No

Saying no is a given upon experiencing an act of sexual harassment, but one should know that informing and instilling to the harasser that his or her actions are unwelcome may kick some sense onto the head. Tell that the behaviour offends you and clearly show dispassion by refusing touching and out-of-work invitations.

Report the Harassment

If saying no doesn’t work, and the harasser continues to offend you—whether physically or verbally—then it is essential to report the act. Tell your supervisor, human resource manager or another person in the office that has the power to stop the harassment. According to employment lawyers I.R. Thompson Associates Ltd, immediately reporting any form of harassment can stop it from becoming worst.

Write it Down

As soon as you experience the harassment, write it down as to keep a record of what exactly happened. Be as specific as possible; write down dates, places, times, and possible witnesses. Be accurate and do not keep the record at work—keep it at a safe place where nobody else has access. Doing this ensures the safety of your statement.

Find Other Victims

It is possible that the harasser has offended other persons in the past. Look for them and ask for their statements as your report becomes stronger if they have filed complaints before. Secure their testimonies, whether through video or writing, adding it as support for your claim.

Consider a Lawsuit

After reporting your case to your manager then you can file a lawsuit. Apart from penalising the harasser, you can also seek monetary damages from your claim. Upon considering this, it is ideal to work with an attorney who handles sexual harassment cases.

Many different forms of sexual harassment exist in the workplace. To stop this, victims should stand up and speak for themselves. Report your harasser and make sure that your employer supports your case.

Tree Stumps: What You Need to Know

A tree stump When it comes to stump grinding, you can either rent a stump grinder or you can hire a stump grinding service to remove the tree stump in your property.The stump removal company you call will send their experienced staff member to assess the tree stumps. Many stump grinding companies in Tauranga will assess the following things before they do the job to ensure the service they render is appropriate for your case.

How big is the tree stump?

Stump removal services often charge by the diameter of the stump. Typically, the larger the stump, the bigger the required grinder and the higher the cost to remove the stump. The size of the stump could determine whether you want to dig it out, or use a stump grinder. Sometimes, the depth and size of the stump could require both methods.

What type of tree is it?

Hard, dense tree stumps are hard to remove, and they could cost more. Ask tree experts to know what kind of tree you have in your lawn, so you’d be prepared for the kind of work that needs to be done.

How deep is the root system of the stump?

The root system of the felled tree determines how deep and wide the stump removal professionals have to dig. The more hours spent on digging, the higher the cost of the service.

Is the area accessible for the grinder?

The company needs to evaluate how accessible the area is for their grinding machines. The company also needs to consider which tools will be suitable for the job. Some grinding jobs need clearing of vast expanses of land so the professionals can reach the stumps. Jobs like these require permits and clearances, and so add to the cost of the job.

What hazards could be present?

Common hazards include rocks, stones, and underground services. The person operating the grinder must take necessary caution, and that may mean more working hours.

How many staff members are required onsite?

The more complex a job is, the more people are needed on site. A job that requires more than one staff member on the site is going to cost more.

If your landsacaping needs involves a stump premoval, it is always best to ask the professionals first before making any decisions. Let them assess the situation and whether you could do it on your own or let them handle it. A detailed assessment is always necessary so you’re sure the job is done right.

Six Things That Eliminate Theft at Your Construction Site

A pair of construction workers at their site Theft at construction sites is common in Christchurch and pretty much everywhere else in New Zealand. Construction sites are vulnerable because they lack permanent structures and, in certain instances, there are no well thought out security measures. Here are six things you must do to protect your construction site:

Erect a Proper Fence

A good barrier will prevent unauthorised people from accessing your site. If vandals and thieves can easily access your site, they most definitely will ransack it. Proper barriers can also prevent people from accessing dangerous areas, such as open ground, reducing the chances of injuries. Temporary fencing hire is a good option for any contractor working in the capital. Temporary fences can be erected quickly and can be less costly than putting up your own fences.

Reduce the Entry and Exit Points

Even with a proper fence, entry and exit points can be used to execute theft. Multiple gates are difficult to monitor; people with the intention to steal are quick to notice such weaknesses. Employees working on the site, or other people, can utilise that loophole and steal materials and equipment without detection. If you have only one entry and exit point, you can easily monitor what goes in and out.

Inventory Your Equipment

Have proper records of every item or equipment, and have them labelled clearly. All the materials should be inventoried properly and accounted for. Anything that is not in use should be stored securely.

Light up Properly

Construction sites are an easy target for thieves, especially when not well lit. It is easy to compromise a chain link fence and move materials away in the dark without being noticed. Bright flood lights, however, can deter anyone trying to gain unauthorised entry.

Use Security Cameras

CCTV cameras have been proven by many studies as a deterrent to crime. People will shy away from theft if they know that they are being watched. Cameras should be fixed at strategic points throughout the site, to cover the most important areas.

Hire Security Personnel

Even though this may come at an additional cost, hiring a reputable company to provide security is always a good idea.  The physical presence of guards will intimidate most individuals with any plans of theft.

Theft initiated by employees and outsiders at a construction site can amount to thousands of dollars. Have security measures in place to mitigate such risks.

4 Popular Sites You Dare Not Miss When Touring Western Australia

Perth City SkylineIf you are touring Australia, you may want to visit Western Australia, the country’s largest state, for some of the most exciting experiences. Western Australia is home to some of the world’s most spectacular natural attractions and iconic man-made destinations.

Here are some of the most popular sites you should not miss when touring the state.

Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory

Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory is one of the most popular whale watching spots in Western Australia. You can see here around 35,000 Humpbacks heading south after breeding in the warmer waters up north, says leading tour service provider All Sea Charters. At 1.7 kilometres, it is the longest timber-piled jetty in the entire southern hemisphere. The underwater observatory allows you to view marine life in their natural habitats, such as dolphins and salmons.

Kalbarri National Park

This national park, which extends about 13 km south of the town, has some of the state’s most attractive coastal landscapes. Spend a fun-filled afternoon at beautiful secluded beaches and surf breaks. The park offers a perfect lookout for spotting marine creatures, such as dolphins and hunchback whales.

Art Gallery Of Western Australia

The gallery is one of the oldest in the state, founded in 1895. If you appreciate art, visit the gallery for a view of some of the world’s finest art collections featuring indigenous art as well as the best collection of Western Australian art.

Jewel Cave

Explore the interesting Jewel Cave found in the small town of Augusta. There are three large underground chambers where you can view an interesting and elaborate network of stalactites and helictites. Take advantage of the tour guides offered there to learn about the history of the spectacular features found in the cave.

Whether you are visiting Western Australia briefly or intend to stick around for a while, you can never run out of fun activities to do. From fascinating views of marine life to exciting experiences exploring the Jewel Cave, the state offers options for you to create lifetime memories.

Why You Need a Product Launch Event

Event HallFor many startup companies, organizing promotional events is the most effective way to obtain potential clients. You can also control the message of your brand, which is vital for any company. Most are unaware that word-of-mouth and viral marketing are two of the least expensive and most undervalued marketing tactics.

If you plan to organize your free event, get some music, posters, décor, a supply of various non toxic colored powder paints, and even hosts to make the event memorable. However, you should remember the key considerations below:

Establish clear objectives and goals.

Determine what you what to achieve out of the event, whether you just want to test out a merchandise, drive more sales or get more customers. You should conduct a research on consumer behavior to plan an event that will help you reach your objectives.

During the affair, go ahead and provide samples of your product and receive instant feedback. It will all depend on the type of product that you’re selling, but this move is a good way to promote any goods or services.

Be the Brand Ambassador.

You can always  hire organizers to manage your event, but  you are probably the best ambassador for your product. Start by inviting your friends and family to support it. You can also spread the word  on social media accounts or blog about the mission of your company on other sites.

Always Expect the Unexpected.

As much as you want to control everything, you cannot manage external elements. This will include getting all the necessary bookings, such as the procedures and application fees for the venue location. On the day itself, you also have to prepare for unexpected mishaps. You have to know how to calmly face them with a positive attitude.

A successful launch event could help you gain loyal customers for  your start-up company. If you make the event memorable and joyful, your potential clients would associate your brand with all the positivity they experienced during your launch.  For many startups, a successful launch is only the start of something big.

Avoiding Injury While Playing Golf

Man Playing GolfIf you’re an avid golfer, you know about the physical issues golfers are susceptible to. Among the common ones include poor balance, poor posture, reduced shoulder and neck movements, as well as back issues.

Here are some safety rules to help you become a more proficient golfer while staying injury-free:

  • If you are an amateur to the sport, take some professional lessons. Otherwise, you’re more likely to sustain injuries from improper form and swings.
  • Only use golf equipment that’s perfectly suited to your physique. Never adjust your stance just to fit the wrong equipment.
  • Always warm up prior to each round. This would minimize muscles soreness and stiffness, keep your blood circulation in check, and give you a boost of energy.
  • Refrain from using metal spikes. Softer spikes would provide increased allowance for movement. Likewise, make sure your shoes have ample foot support to help you maintain your balance while you’re in action or at rest.
  • Make certain that you move entire body frequently, advises chiropractors in Salt Lake City. If you could, practice swinging with your non-swinging hand to decrease back stiffness and help move muscles on your entire body.
  • Ever see those older golfers lugging their golf bags around? They’ve actually got it right because pulling is better than carrying if you want to keep your spine is good shape.
  • Always keep yourself hydrated. As with every single sport, sufficient fluids would help prevent fatigue due to dehydration, which in turn would help in reducing your risk of being injured.
  • Consider going to a chiropractor regularly. A chiropractic could evaluate areas on your body that are most vulnerable to pressure and strain, as well as advise you on how to better care for your body. If you need some convincing, just ask Tiger Woods. He once quoted that he’s been consulting with chiropractors “for as long as I can remember” and that his chiropractic sessions are as crucial to his golf training as perfecting his swing.

Don’t let the possibility of getting injured take away your enjoyment of golfing. Remember the above-mentioned safety guide to help improve your game and avoid pain and injuries.