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Non-Destructive Digging: Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation

Hydro excavationCompared to manual digging methods, hydro excavation is significantly safer and more efficient. This is because it uses industrial strength and pressurized water to excavate the soil. The process safely breaks up the solid material, which helps eliminate the risks of underground utility damage.

The undeniable benefits of hydro excavation are attracting the attention of contractors and companies in Salt Lake City and other nearby cities. The increasing demand for safe and efficient digging is also motivating others to adopt the method.

Continue reading to learn more about this non-destructive method of digging.

The Major Advantage

Various benefits await those who want to use hydro excavation. Salt Lake City contractors say it adds value to any project because it helps make the most of existing resources. One major advantage is the completion of projects with less risks and zero damage to infrastructures already in place. This result in improved productivity, cost-efficiency, and reduced liability issues.

Common Purpose

Many contractors use the methods for line, sign, and pole installation. It is also ideal for day lighting or potholing. This is because it allows for less traffic and congestion in the excavation area, as the equipment can be positioned at a distance. It is also faster and more accurate than other methods, as it minimizes site restoration time and expense.

Reduce Unintended Consequences

The process of hydro excavation is the only non-mechanical and non-destructive method of digging. This can virtually reduce unintended consequences from any project that involves trenching, drilling, and excavation, which are the causes of delay in most projects.

Weather is Not an Issue

Cold weather is not much of a concern in the process because hydro excavation trucks come with mounted heaters. It will not require use of wood and coal, so users are assured that it is safe and environmentally friendly.

The hydro excavation process results in a precise and immediate excavation that requires less labor and restoration. It is also more cost-efficient and eco-friendly than conventional excavation techniques.

Water Vapor in the Air: Humidity and Your Health

Heating and cooling system

Heating and cooling systemHumidity is an essential health variable that most people tend to ignore. This refers to the amount of water vapor in the air, which negatively affects the indoor air quality. When humidity is higher than expected, it can encourage the growth of mold, fungus and dust mites. Higher levels can also compromise indoor environment, making it particularly dangerous for those with allergies and asthma.

The Noticeable Consequences

The most noticeable effects of high relative humidity are stale air, feeling hotter than it actually is, and frizzy hair. This is mainly because more humidity in the air means that sweat does not evaporate as quickly as it normally does. This also means that your body’s natural cooling mechanism begins to break down.

Health Problems

High humidity has more serious repercussions on health. It can release mold spores into the air you breathe, irritating your eyes, nose, and throat, and resulting in other respiratory problems. This can be particularly dangerous if you already suffer from a respiratory condition. Kids and the elderly are more vulnerable to mold-related problems.

The Role of Your Heating and Cooling System

The best way to avoid humidity problems is to keep it between 35 and 40 percent. Air conditioning systems can keep the humidity within reasonable levels. They do this by taking out moisture from the air and cooling the environment.

Some cooling units also have a ‘dry mode’ that reduces humidity levels in a room without blowing out cold air. This mode is especially helpful during colder months when the moisture level is high. Units with this feature can keep the room cool and dry, and acts as a dehumidifier by removing moisture from indoor air.

Importance of Good Ventilation

Humidity can cause problems in new homes that trap moisture inside. Ventilation helps in the situation, so it is important to make sure to open airtight windows regularly. Proper ventilation can also remove airborne contaminants, which can contribute to health hazards.
Make it a point to regulate the amount of humidity in your home. Use the right appliances or consult heating and cooling experts to address humidity concerns.

The Child Support Standards Act: Basic Details Couples Should Know

Child Support Standards ActThe state of New York has been following an amended version of the Domestic Relation Law’s Section 240 since 1989. Lawyers and judges have been referring to this as the Child Support Standards Act – or for brevity, CSSA. But up until now, couples do not completely understand how this amendment affected the whole concept of child support. As such, there’s a need to discuss the basics of this policy.

The Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick best summarize what the law is all about. As is written on the firm’s website, “Child support covers a child’s basic living and medical expenses as well as education.” Now, the role of the CSSA is to provide a standardized set of guidelines as to how much this will cost each parent. Couples have to be aware of two key provisions from this act:

The Required Percentages

The computation of basic child support comes from certain percentages of the combined parental income (CPI). The law has listed specific details of which forms of income are included in the computation.

As far as the law is concerned, however, the divorcing couple has to provide at least 17% of the CPI for one child, 25% for two kids, and 29% for three children. For couples that have four children, the required percentage is at 31%. In the case of five or more kids, the amount should not go under 35% of the CPI.

The Considered Factors

Of course, the law also lists different factors that may influence the final amount each parent has to provide. The court, after all, has to take into account what is best for the child’s interests. Ergo, the total sum would include adjustments from the parents’ financial resources; the well-being and if any, special needs of the child; and the child’s standard of living had the marriage did not dissolve.

Courts also factor in either parent’s educational needs, substantial discrepancy between the parents’ income, and the tax consequences of the child support to both parties.

The Opt Out Function

Now, the CSSA presents guidelines, but it is not imperative for every couple to follow what this statute declares. It has an opt-out function which both parties must agree to for it to be valid. As long as the agreement meets the law’s four requirements, the couple’s choice to provide more (or less) for the child or children has sufficient legal grounding.

The CSSA provides a solid basis over how much each parent has to contribute to the welfare of the child. But as with any matter, it is best to work with a seasoned lawyer in the field, regardless if the couple follows the CSSA’s provisions or otherwise.

Hold the Speed Dial, Here are Home Repairs that can Wait

Repairing fences

Repairing fencesFast-paced – this is probably the best adjective describing today’s generation. Thanks to technology, fulfilling wants and needs is possible with just a click of a button. From products to services, people can get instant response, especially on home maintenance.

While there are certain repairs that need immediate attention, immediately calling the technician is not always the answer. There are instances when you can delay the repair and schedule the service for a more convenient time. It can even give the repair company the chance to send you their best repair teams for the job. Plus, some maintenance companies, like General Trades, offer special prices for their stand-by programs.

So, what home repairs can wait a few days?

Leaky Taps

While most water-related home problems call for an emergency service, loose and leaky taps can wait. This is especially the case when the drip is relatively small. This problem can even wait five days. If wasting water worries you, keep a container under the broken tap and use the collected water to wash rags and garden tools.

Broken Appliances

People rely on technology so much that they forget how to live without it. Though vacuums, washing machines, and your other appliances make your life easy, you can certainly exist for a few days without these. You can still do some chores manually while waiting for your schedule.

Internal Carpentry Repairs

Your broken cupboard, loose door hinges and doorjamb, or your peeling wall paint can wait. Most internal repairs need some planning as well. Lest your external doors and windows are the concern, you might really need an emergency repair service.

Faulty switches and lighting

As long as the switch does not give off an electric shock, you can still wait for your electrician for a few days. You may just need a few days with your emergency torch, though. On the brighter side, the limited usage of electricity can decrease your consumption.

Generally, urgent home repairs cover problems dealing with water and fire. As long as your safety and security isn’t at risk, you may delay your repair a few days. You may even benefit from waiting for your schedule, like getting the best staff and saving a few dollars.

5 Remarkable Reasons Why Sea Containers are Popular

sea containerSea containers in Perth are popular for their durability and quality, especially when it comes to security locking. With these descriptions, be sure that your cargo (no matter how hazardous the contents) is in good condition. If you’ve only learned about such storage solutions recently, this list will help you understand why they’re deemed the best choice:

1. There are containers that come with advanced features suited for very specific needs.

For example, if keeping the temperature at the usual 30C just won’t cut it, there’s always the option to avail of portable cold storage.

2. Shipping containers lessen the risk of damages.

Proper storage of goods is integral, especially if these are food or other easily perishable items. The thick steel protects the goods from extreme temperatures, which could lead to spoilage.

It also avoids scratching or smashing of fragile items. For added security, ICL recommends packing mirrors in between beams where they fit tightly.

3. Companies transport items in bulk, so shipping costs are low.

In other words, even if you plan to move lots of things, you’ll probably get the job done without travelling several times between sites.

4. These containers can go anywhere, as long as there’s sufficient space.

Australia has a growing cruise market, giving people the chance to go anywhere. Your cargo can go anywhere as well and the best part is they are not exposed to everyone during transport. There are facilities specially designed to help those who wish to keep their shipping containers away from public view.

5. There are many reputable companies that sell or make sea containers.

These firms put an emphasis on quality, using the sturdiest materials to ensure that your goods will be in tip top shape when they reach their destination.

There are other reasons, of course, why these space savers are popular. After all, they serve other functions like providing an instant office, as props in film making and as a makeshift retail store.

Rather than worrying about costly transport means, find one that can keep your things safe. Eliminate worries about damaging your cargo by finding the best storage solution.

Why You Should Care About the Duty of Care

Duty of Care

Duty of CareAccidents happen more often than most people think. In terms of traffic crashes alone, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration listed 66,000 injury cases in 2013. This is a large number – and it is only one cause of injury. Just imagine how much this figure would grow if you factor in the other causes of accidents, from simple slips and falls to defective products on the market.

The injury statistics are sure to raise a lot of questions. From a legal perspective, however, there is only one thing to ask: who shoulders the legal responsibility for the said accident? This is where the duty of care becomes important.

What is the Duty of Care?

In its simplest definition, duty of care means a person’s legal obligation to prevent harm from befalling another. This is easier to understand under the context of real-life scenarios. For instance, a doctor has the duty to help a patient recover. Manufacturers have to ensure that the products they distribute are safe to use and not likely to cause injury. In both situations, the doctor and the manufacturer have a duty of care to the parties involved.

Why Should You Care About It?

You might be curious about why the duty of care is worthy of a discussion. It’s because, in a sense, it has a major role in most – if not all – injury and wrongful death cases. As OcalaInjuryHelp.com puts it, it is necessary to prove that the plaintiff’s injury or death “was caused by the conduct of the defendant(s) to receive the compensation.”

In other words, the duty of care is a crucial basis of negligence claims in lawsuits. As negligence cases go, it is important to establish that the defendant (willingly or otherwise) committed a breach of their duty of care to the plaintiff. If the claimant cannot establish this fact, let alone the idea that the other party had this duty, the court would not find any merit to the claim.

The duty of care is more than a buzzword we hear in the news. It is an important notion that everyone should be aware of, because it could be the defining factor for compensation in an injury case.

When Housing Needs in Perth Outstrip Capacity

Modular Home

Modular HomeThe mining industry in Perth has been on the rise. This means that communities surrounding mining areas are growing. The problem is that these are often in outlying areas where it can be hard to get the construction materials and local labour to put up housing.
Modular homes may be the answer.

What are Modular Homes?

Sometimes called prefabricated homes, modular homes are becoming more popular in Australia, especially with the younger ones.
Modular homes are factory-built structures trucked in one or several pieces to the site. The manufacturer sends a team to do the installation and finishing onsite. Once they are fixed, they are there for good.

What are the Advantages?

The main advantage of modular homes is they take less time to build than site-built homes, explains Grandesigns WA. The typical modular home takes weeks instead of months to build in a factory, depending on the size of the home. It is just as strong as site-built homes, and sometimes even stronger.

Many components of modular homes are mass-produced, so there is minimal waste of raw materials. There is also less disruption to the environment during installation. Most manufacturers will incorporate energy saving features such as passive solar design, water conservation, and insulation.

What is the Cost?

Most people think that modular homes all look alike. The fact is modular homes are as customisable as site-built homes. Depending on the size and style of the home, you can spend as little as $100,000 to $3 million. A typical 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house will run to about $250,000 including taxes.

What Do I Need?

You will need land in which to install your modular home. You do not have to own it, but remember that you cannot move your house once installed. You will also need to have the money upfront. Most banks will grant loans for modular homes, however, so that is not much of a problem.

Modular homes are the IKEA of households and properties. You can buy each part and assemble it with minimal expertise, and because of its quick construction, it is a good fit for mining communities.

Modifying a Child Support Order: What You Need to Know

child support order

child support orderSo many parents have a hard time making child support payments. Others find it difficult to care for their children based on existing child support setups, usually because of a change in their living or working situations.

If you are currently receiving or paying child support, there may come time when you will need to consider a change in the existing support order.

Child support laws vary by state, but here are some of the general things you need to learn when modifying an agreement:

You Need to Prove a Change of Circumstances

Whether you are the payer or the receiver of the child support, you need to prove that something considerable happened in your life. You need to prove that the amount is no longer appropriate for your situation. For instance, if you are now supporting additional kids, the court might consider this a significant change of circumstances. If the children you’re paying support for now live with you instead of the other parent, the court might consider your situation a change of circumstances as well.

When proving a change of circumstances, ask the advice of family law attorneys like Kim H. Buhler, Attorney at Law, P.C.

Time Limits Might Apply

Some states discourage parents from making child support modifications. They do this by limiting the number of times a request can be made. For instance, you might have to wait as long as three years for the court to consider your request—especially if the reasons are not that important.

Your Income May Be a Factor

You can modify the child support if you agreed to a certain amount based on the income you are no longer earning. In some states, though, you can only modify an order if the change in your income affects the child support amount by 10 to 20 percent, which can happen if you’ve lost your job.

Don’t expect to pay less or receive more for child support if you voluntarily quit your job.

The laws surrounding child support modifications are complicated regardless of the state you live in, and the facts of each case are unique. The best thing to do is seek the help of an attorney specializing in family law.

Defending the Legitimacy of Asset Protection

Books and Gavel

Books and GavelOn its face, asset protection planning sounds a lot like what billionaires in movies do to evade taxes, or the government. Unfortunately, many business owners have this same understanding when they sign up for the plan. Asset protection planning is a legal financial tool that allows people to protect their property from unfortunate events; it wouldn’t gain such a status if it had an overreaching capacity for fraud.

The biggest red flag that get most people’s attention is the ability of people to hide their assets in offshore locations. What most people don’t understand about asset protection is that even if the property or money is several oceans away, the owner is still in the country.

There are several cases around the end of the first decade that people can ask lawyers like assetprotectionatty.com about regarding how they changed asset protection. These cases set a precedent regarding the power of the courts to order people to retrieve their assets under specific circumstances.

These court measures are known as repatriation orders, which people can choose to comply with or not. But the consequences for non-compliance include a bench warrant for contempt of court, as well as jail time for a set number of years, or until the money comes back, whichever comes first. A corporate lawyer spent fourteen years in prison for refusing to repatriate assets to pay alimony to his ex-wife.

Most asset protection specialists quickly dissuade their clients from thinking that they’re creating a shadow fund. The truth of the matter is that everything manages to find the light one way or another. Good luck trying to discourage disgruntled spouses or employees from talking to people about protected assets. Don’t even think about trying to hide it from a bankruptcy court; failure of full disclosure will usually lead to a denial of discharge, or even perjury and fraud.

Asset protection is a legitimate financial tool, and it can only be effective in the hands of someone not looking to game the system.

Keep Out of Trouble With Your Pool

Swimming Pool

Swimming PoolTo build a pool in Perth WA or you already have a pool, you need a fence. There are very specific laws imposed by the state government on pool owners. This is to prevent very young children from drowning, which is the leading cause of death for children up to the age of five. In Western Australia, 16 children have drowned in private pools over a 5-year period. For each of these children, 10 more were hospitalized for nearly drowning.

No one wants to get in trouble over your swimming pool, so you need to know these laws regarding your glass pool fencing.


The material of the barrier to the pool has to be strong and durable. Glass pool fencing is resistant to environmental stresses. It does not warp, rot, or rust. It is also resistant to insect infestations. This makes it easy to maintain as well, which is good news for pool owners.

More importantly, you cannot climb glass, remarks Perth City Glass. This is an advantage that glass pool fencing has over other materials. All types of glass pool fencing are smooth and completely enclosed. There are no gaps or features than can be used as hand- and footholds for determined, enterprising kids.


The pool fence should be at least 1.2 metres in height. This is not a problem with glass pool fencing, which can also easily conform to an uneven surface.


Pool fences cannot have gaps of more than 100 mm. This is again not a problem with glass pool fencing, as there are practically no spaces between sheets of glass fencing. Framed glass fences have no gaps at all. Most glass pool fencing also comes with self-latching hinged gates.

Glass pool fencing is more expensive than wood or iron fencing, but it fully complies with government regulations in Perth. It also looks more attractive, and since it is almost maintenance-free, you can recoup the higher initial costs over time.