10 Furnace Repairs that Can Break the Bank

Furnace Repair in Utah

Furnace Repair in UtahIn the tropics, then you simply don’t need a furnace. However, if you live in places where the temperatures can dip to well below zero, you will definitely need a furnace. Every modern home in a cold climate will benefit from a fully functioning furnace. However, as the initial startup costs of installing a furnace can easily reach into the thousands of dollars, maintaining the furnace in tip-top shape should be a priority.

Unfortunately, no matter how diligent you may be in maintaining your furnace, there will always be instances when furnace repair is necessary, Utah County expert hrcclimateservices.com says. Here are the top ten most expensive repairs on any modern furnace.

  1. $550 to $1,500 – Replacement for a cracked or damaged heat exchanger. Unfortunately, when the heat exchanger gets fried, you are better off purchasing a new furnace.
  2. $150 to $750 – Replacement of the gas valve or the smart valve which functions to regulate the flow of natural gas to the burners in your furnace.
  3. $250 to $500 – Replacement or repair of the motorized squirrel cage fan which functions in facilitating the movement of air.
  4. $150 to $450 – Repair of the draft inducer in order to ensure a more effective drawing of air for combustion.
  5. $80 to $450 – Replacement of the furnace’s programmable thermostat. Of course, if your furnace only comes with a standard mercury or digital thermostat, then you can only expect to shell out anywhere from $30 to $100. A programmable thermostat can be manufacturer-specific or they can be feature-laden, both of which will command higher prices.
  6. $200 to $400 – Replacement of the Venturi gas burners which allow an efficient burning of natural gas into the furnace’s heat exchanger.
  7. $150 to $350 – Replacement of the electric blower motor in order to facilitate air movement throughout the duct system.
  8. $40 to $350 – Repair of the furnace’s circuit boards or even pressure sensors to ensure the furnace is fully operational.
  9. $80 to $250 – Replacement of the thermocouple or the flame sensor so you will know when to open the gas valve.
  10. $80 to $200 – Repair of the hot surface igniter often found in pilot-less furnace systems.

These are just some of the more common and most expensive furnace repairs you can ever face. To put it simply, the more high-end your furnace, the more expensive will be the repair or replacement costs.

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