Crunch Your Way to Healthier Teeth: Crunchy Foods for Good Oral Health


AlmondsThe age-old adage says that‘an apple a day keeps the doctors away’, but did you know that an apple a day can keep the dentist away, too? Apples promote good dental health, and other crunchy foods promote good oral health as well.

You might think that crunchy foods are a natural enemy to the teeth, but dentists such as Danny de Villiers Dentist agree that that is not always the case.Aside from apples, here are some good ones you can eat:


Carrots are hard, and there is a lot of chewing involved just for it to break down. The effect, however, is similar to that of eating apples: teeth end up cleaner. This is because the crunchy fibre texture of carrots removes plaque from teeth, much like toothbrushes do. Carrots are chewy as well, which means eating it is a good exercise for your gums (making them stronger in the long run).


Almonds are a great source of calcium. In fact, numerous studies have proven that consuming about 12 to 15 almonds on a regular basis stuffs the body with around 40 to 50 mg of calcium. The calcium helps nourish and support healthy gum tissue.

There are other types of nuts that are beneficial for the teeth as well, including cashews (stimulates saliva and helps clean teeth), peanuts (full of vitamin D and calcium), and walnuts (vitamin E, vitamin B6, fibre, folic acid, and magnesium).


Eat cucumber sticks if you suffer from teeth and gum problems, especially if it is pyorrhoea. Pyorrhoea is a type of infection wherein there is an inflammation of the tooth sockets and gums, and cucumber has been found to be effective in curing it. Cucumber is also a good source of dietary fibre—which massages the teeth and gums.


Onionsare a bacteria-busting food, thanks to their antimicrobial compounds. Raw onion slivers, which can be put in sandwiches or in salads, are particularly good for oral health.

When you want something with a crunch, do not just pick any crunchy food you want. Do not forget to give your teeth a health boost, too.

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