3 Eye-Popping Gates and Fences

Shoe fence

Shoe fenceA home wouldn’t be as secure without a reliable gate and fence to protect it. This is why materials for their construction are pretty standard throughout the country.

For proper maintenance of the gate’s locks, homeowners rely on their locksmith. Coral Gables is but one place where these professionals install and maintain locks and other security systems.

The following gates and fences, however, may prove to be a challenge to even the most experienced locksmith. Here are some of the strangest ones across the globe:

The Bra Fence

Central Otago, New Zealand was once home to an unbelievable sight of over 1,000 bras hanging on a fence. Called the Cardrona Bra Fence, it was around 1998 to 1999 when passers-by started to hang bras on a rural fence.

Since then, the number of bras increased, which made the fence a controversial attraction. Apart from its location beside a motor race track, the fence also became an attraction that boosted the area’s tourism value. Unfortunately, officials removed the fence in 2006 after calling it an eyesore and a hazard.

The Shoe Fence

Another unique fence is in the southern part of New Zealand. Instead of bras, this fence has a lot of shoes. Shoes of different types are tied onto the fence’s wires by their laces. Tourists can find shoes from different brands.

Some people also refer to this fence as “The Imelda Fence” in reference to the infamous former First Lady of the Philippines with a huge shoe collection. According to reports, both local residents and passers-by leave their footwear, making the fence a resting place for their old shoes.

The Fenceless Gate

Seeing a locked gate gives an assurance of security, unless they happen to be fence-less gates, which makes locking it a senseless act. Many properties and attractions have fence-less gates, though more for artistic purposes than for security concerns.

A good example is a fence-less gate in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Instead of having a fence, the gate connects to a grass bed serving as the property’s boundaries. Other fenceless gates are in Europe and in the United Kingdom.

These gates and fences may be creative, but it’s doubtful if they can effectively protect any home. To make sure your home is more secure, remember to contact reliable locksmiths who can help you install security systems.

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