How the Snowboard Affects Your Balance on the Slope


SnowboardsMaintaining balance is important to float through powder and ride the rails. Balancing properly also prevents injuries; make your snowboarding adventure injury-free by getting the right board.

There are different types of snowboards based on the terrain and these boards affect your balance on the slope. Rent the appropriate board from American Ski Exchange and other rental companies to have a safe snowboarding holiday.

All-Mountain Boards

The all-mountain board is ideal for all conditions and terrain. This snowboard helps you balance on backcountry, groomed runs, and pipe terrain. Boards like this are ideal for downhill rides or twin-tip. A majority of snowboarders uses this and its versatility makes it an ideal choice for beginners.

Freestyle Snowboards

This type is ideal for freestylers and advanced boarders who want a mix of control and playfulness. These boards are flexible, short, and light with twin tips. Perform tricks with grace on any terrain using this snowboard. Test your limits as you try to defy gravity.

Beginners, beware as this board lacks the stability you need to ride downhill fast, especially on hard snow. If you are looking for balance, it is best to choose the all-mountain board instead.


Splitboards are ideal for climbing the backcountry. This specific snowboard allows you to split it in half, like skis, to enable you to climb uphill; reconnect the two halves to go downhill.

The snowboard you use affects how you balance on different kinds of terrain and conditions. You must also learn how to balance properly to avoid getting injured. Choose the appropriate board at the right length and size before heading to the mountains. Bring the correct gear from head to feet to keep you safe during your trip.

If you are unsure, the rental company will help you find the right snowboard. Their recommendations are a gem so make sure rent from a trusted shop.

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