3 Popular Skin Care Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe

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It comes as no surprise that everyone wants a clear and blemish-free skin. After all, your face is the first thing that people see when they meet you.

A good deal of information about skin care can be found on the Internet, but nothing beats having a certified professional look at your skin issues. They’ll be able to pinpoint what causes your breakouts and help heal whatever type of skin condition you’re currently suffering.

Below, skinscienceinstitute.com and other industry experts help debunk the common skincare myths that people believe:

Pimple Popping Eliminates Breakouts

This myth is one of the biggest lies ever told about having clear skin. Popping your pimple is never a good idea, as it can cause bacteria to cling to your pimple and lead to nasty infections. This could also cause scarring and inflammation, which is difficult to get rid of.

The Higher the SPF, the Better

This one is also not true. There are two types of UV rays: UVA and UVB. Any type of sunscreen, even those with only SPF15 can help repeal harmful rays. Also, never skip sunscreen even on cloudy days.

The More Expensive the Products, the Better

This one’s also a huge chunk of a lie. You don’t have to shell out a huge amount of money to keep your skin clear. Sometimes, the more expensive ones are what’s causing breakouts, especially the heavily scented ones. Perfume can irritate your facial skin, so make sure to steer clear from those. Buy from the drugstore or even from your trusted dermatologist. As long as they recommend it, then you’ll most likely be good with it.

An ideal way to take care of your skin is by visiting a professional at least once a month. You can also read more about it on the Internet, but make sure to confirm with your dermatologist before going ahead and trying them.

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