This Is How Professionals Clean Your Gutter

Roof gutter full of autumn leaves

One of the essentials of all buildings is a gutter system. Gutters however routinely become clogged with various debris. A clogged gutter results in water build-up on your roof and is a cause of leaking roofs and cracked foundations.

Cleaning of roofing gutters in Tauranga is hence essential. DIY cleaning, however, is mainly inefficient as it lacks proper tools and can even pose a danger to the cleaner from falls off ladders. It is hence prudent to hire professional gutter cleaners to handle your task. Here are some expert gutter cleaning methods.

Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaning

Gutters that are hard to reach are best cleaned using a wet/dry vacuum. The system uses commercial grade vacuum systems which suck out all debris from your gutters.

In this method, there is no mess left around once the work is complete as the machine sucks in all the debris. Vacuum cleaning is also safe as there are no ladders involved.

Hand Cleaning on MEWPs

In this method, a gutter cleaning company does not use any specialised equipment to clean. They come with mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) to enable safe and proper access to your gutters.

You then elevate the cleaner on the MEWP and hand cleans your gutters. It is an effective and safe gutter cleaning method.

Blower Method

This cleaning process uses a leaf blower to blow all the debris from your gutters. However, the technique is messy as it blows the debris all over your yard and wet gutters might leave smudges on your walls.

Because of this, the blower method is common and used in conjunction with hand cleaning or wet/dry vacuuming.

Well-maintained and properly installed gutters protect your foundation from damage and avert soil erosion and basement flooding. They also protect your property’s siding from water damage and prevent water stains on your bricks.

The frequency of your gutter cleaning depends on your roof’s slope, proximity to trees and the type of trees around your house.

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