3 PPC Mistakes Marketers Make That Kill Their Campaigns

PPC Management

PPC ManagementA strategically planned AdWords campaign can drive targeted and high quality traffic to your website. If not done correctly, however, this online marketing method can cost you a significant amount of money. Here are some of the most common mistakes AdWords marketers make, and how you can avoid these stumbling blocks to get the best returns on your PPC investment.

Poor and/or Insufficient Ad Copy

You can spend a fortune bidding for the most competitive and relevant keywords and have your ads ranked high on the search engine placement metrics, but there’s a slim chance that users will actually click on the ad and visit your page if it isn’t drafted compellingly. C1 Partners and other digital marketing experts recommend providing a good ad copy to see positive results.

Misleading Ad Copy

This is one of the worst things a PPC marketer can do. Irrelevant, misleading and incompatible ads that take a potential customer to an unrelated landing page can make the browsing experience frustrating to users. What’s worse is that they might look at your business with skepticism and you’ll lose their trust, which can end up costing you heavily.

If you’re selling a specific type of product and have identified or narrowed down the keywords for it, send potential customers directly to the landing page instead of throwing them on a general page. This gives them quick access to what exactly they are looking for, and encourages them to take immediate action.

Not Using the Negative Keywords Feature

Many marketers are unable to comprehend the benefits of using the negative keywords feature for their PPC campaigns. This function can help you target ads and make them appear only to an audience that searches for what you offer, and most likely give you highly targeted clicks. In turn, these can reduce your ad spend and increase the return on investment per click. You can also remove words that are not relevant matches for your products and services.

Though highly rewarding, PPC campaigns can be slightly intimidating for digital marketing newbies. Using the services of an experienced PPC management company can help you minimize mistakes, boost returns, and learn insider tips of running a successful PPC campaign.