Why Your Lawyer Would Want You To Tell the Truth

Criminal Lawyer in Perth

Criminal Defence Lawyer in PerthSome criminal lawyers prefer if their clients did not divulge all the truths and facts related to their charge. These lawyers who prefer to maintain this kind of distance are typically concerned with ethical constraints. A criminal lawyer cannot ethically offer evidence they know to be false, and this rule applies to every professional conduct.

You will want to have the best team behind you, so it’s important you find the best criminal lawyer. Perth has several offices that take pride in their roster of attorneys. Do a bit of research and asking around to find out what they are capable of and whether their experiences match your current situation.

Tell Me Everything

While some would rather not hear about the deed, there are certain lawyers who will encourage you to tell them exactly what happened. This is for the sake of crafting the most effective defense. Complete transparency will allow your lawyer to know what will and will not work during your trial.

For example, a lawyer representing a woman charged with murdering his husband will want to know everything that happened before and during the incident, as well as other relevant details that may have occurred throughout the course of the relationship. This will help build a strong defense without any gaps or possible fractures.

What Happens Next

Similarly, if the client admits to her lawyer that she killed her husband, but admits to the lawyer that several instances of physical and emotional abuse and trauma occurred during the relationship, the lawyer may be able to present and deliver a convincing and accurate defense based on the history of the relationship.

More importantly, despite admitting guilt, you may still go to trial with the hopes of getting a better sentence from the judge or being charged with lesser crimes once all the facts related to the incident are out in the open. A client should also go to trial when the prosecution refuses to offer or negotiate a reasonable plea deal.

It is your lawyer’s duty to protect all the information you divulge to them. An experienced and trusted criminal defense attorney will always have your best interests in mind.

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