3 Reasons Why Richmond, Virginia, Is Great for Military Retirees

Military Retiree shaving while sittingYour illustrious military career is over, and you’re thinking of moving out of state, but you don’t know where. There are actually a lot of fantastic places for veterans like you, but if you don’t want to be far away from DC and enjoy a wide variety of interests, from nature to history, there’s a cool city in Virginia you need to check out: Richmond.

The Capital of the South is highly recommended to military retirees for the following reasons:

It provides incredible support for veterans

The Commonwealth of Virginia’s capital is home to Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center and a base facility. The Virginia Employment Commission provides job assistance for veterans that wish to take civilian and defense jobs. They can also work in private companies are there are dozens of defense contractors in the city.

It is teeming with history

If you’re looking for an excellent job that doesn’t veer far off from your experience, you can be a curator or tour guide around several museums in the city such as the American Civil War Museum and the Virginia War Memorial. After all, Richmond is a historical destination.

It has a healthy economy

Compared to February 2016, the unemployment rate in February 2017 fell further by a percent (or 4.2 percent), beating the national and state average. There are around 6 Fortune 500 companies in the city while many industries drive its economy such as advertising, law, finance, and government. Forbes, meanwhile, ranks Richmond as 49th best place for business and careers.

The cost of living in the city is slightly higher than the national average, but with a median income of almost $63,000, it pays well.

To top it off, housing options are varied, comfortable, and reasonable. You can live in furnished apartments from Corporate Living Solutions in Richmond with amenities comparable to those in hotels.

Now you’re retired from the service, it’s time for a brand-new positive experience, which Richmond can surely give.