Burnt Out But Still Passionate: What’s a Physician to Do?

Burnt out woman in front of her laptopWith advancements in technology, anyone can accomplish anything anytime, anywhere — faster than before. The same is true for physicians. Unfortunately, the relentless work and fast-paced environment in healthcare settings are causing doctor burnout.

Physician Heal Thyself

There’s no such thing as downtime when you’ve got patients to attend to. You want to get the job done, even when successive shifts result in physical and emotional exhaustion. You’re too busy caring for others that you fail to care for yourself.

That’s when the burnout begins

Quitting your job might cross your mind. But healing the sick is a passion — a calling. Instead of giving in to the exhaustion of the job, you can find an alternative means to still perform as a physician.

Locum Tenens: A Change in Lifestyle

Locum tenens, roughly translated from Latin as “to hold a place,” means filling out for other physicians temporarily. When healthcare employers face staffing shortages, they hire locum tenens physicians for the meantime.

When you work locum tenens, it automatically means a change in lifestyle. Certified organizations, such as Interim Physicians, connect you to the right healthcare employer and handle all of your needs. The career modification also comes with other benefits.

Flexibility Within Your Reach

Some physicians choose to establish their own practice, hoping for more control over their schedule and work environment. That’s true for the first part, but as the real work begins, so does the stress.

As a locum tenens physician, you have the freedom to create your own schedule. No need to worry about rigid timing; you can plan leaves throughout the year. This sense of freedom comes with lower stress levels not experienced in traditional health care occupations or your own practice.

Goodbye Burnout

Physician burnout is more common than you think. In a recent article, Forbes revealed that the lifetime rate of depression among US physicians is 20% for women and 13% for men.

Instead of enduring the lack of work-life balance, going locum tenens resolves the problem. You can work as hard as you want for a shorter period of time. Once your assignment is over, you have enough time to recover before starting work again.

Caring for others is an honor. But taking care of yourself is also important. Keep pursuing your passion by taking the locum tenens path today.

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