3 Tips to Ensure the Welfare of Students Outside Their Classrooms

Student in class taking down notes

A school has a responsibility to keep their students comfortable while in school. That is regardless of whether the students are in their classrooms or not. Simple things such as the meals provided at the school have a bearing on the students’ academic performance.

Students’ safety

When at school, the administration is responsible for their students’ safety, including their belongings. Several companies offer cycle shelters for schools that a school’s administration may purchase in a bid to keep their students’ bicycles safe. The shelters provide cover against the elements such as heat from the sun and rain. They also provide rails where a student can lock up their bicycles.


Teachers take up the role of being the students’ guardians when they are at school. That means that schools have to keep their students healthy. They are expected to provide their students with meals, especially during lunch breaks. The meals provided should be a balanced diet to provide the students with the necessary nutrients required to maintain their body in good health. The school may also organise a physical education session at least once every week, where students are involved in physical exercise to keep their body fit.

Extracurricular activities

A lot of work with no play may make your students dull. As such, it is vital to provide them with some extracurricular activities. The activities do not have to be sports-oriented. They should be fun activities meant to help your students relax their minds. Clubs have become an important part of schools’ systems. Some art clubs may be utilised to enable students to display their different talents.

A school should aim at coming up with a comprehensive program meant to improve the general welfare of their students. That may explain why schools spend resources on acquiring non-academic programs and facilities such as playing fields.

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