3 Web Design Features for Your Business to Adopt a Winning Strategy

Web Design Features

Web Design Features With so many web design features flooding the market, it can be overwhelming to know which to implement and which one to leave out. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to understand that not every new design and feature makes sense to implement. While some might make your website look attractive and appealing, you could end up with an attractive yet useless design without proper planning.

Here are some design trends you need to adopt for your business to stand out.

Responsive web design

You’ve probably heard of a responsive design for quite some time, but what is it and why should you implement it? A responsive web design allows visitors to view your site from different devices like tablets, smartphones, and desktops. Google loves responsive design and implementing this would give you a better ranking on SERPs.

Moving backgrounds

People are foregoing textured backgrounds in favor of animation and video. Users are able to enjoy the dynamic nature of your website while still finding what they are looking for. A great example of a website that has implemented this design is PayPal. If not properly implemented, this design may have some major challenges and could leave your visitors confused. Expose Media recommends visiting a web design agency to have this implemented properly to avoid delays.

Micro UX

Unlike the ordinary user experience, micro UX allows sites to interact with users with lightboxes, hover effects, progress bars and more. You cannot afford to ignore personalisation and customisation when designing your website, and you can solve that with micro UX.

These are some of the web design features that you can implement to stay ahead of the competition. If you’re still lost, ask a professional to learn how you can implement these designs to promote your business.

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