4 Air Conditioner Problems Commonly Faced by Homeowners

Man fixing the air conditioner

Air conditioning units will once again be one of the most valuable appliances in your home as the summer season approaches. However, relying too much on this appliance without proper maintenance can cause problems to arise.

Regular maintenance is necessary. If you’re like thousands of other homeowners who forget to maintain their units then experiencing these common air conditioner problems is possible.

Whipple Service Champions noted that hiring trusted air conditioning repair centers in Salt Lake City could help you get it back into shape. Before giving them a call, however, it’s a must to determine what kind of problem you have.

Low refrigerant

The refrigerant is the one responsible for manufacturing cool air inside the air conditioning system. It’s also known as Freon. A lack of refrigerant charge would mean that your unit will not be producing enough cold air and is almost always caused by a leak. Recharging it is not enough. A good technician should be able to find the leak and fix it before recharging the Freon once again.

Clogged filters

Clogged filters are commonly caused by dirt due to lack of maintenance. It can restrict airflow, which leads to increased power consumption with little efficiency. Cleaning or replacing your filters regularly is a must.

Frozen or dirty coils

Coils become dirty and unlike filters, it’s something that you cannot easily replace. It can become frozen when the refrigerant is low. If you suspect a problem with your coil, calling in a professional for help is recommended.

Malfunctioning outside fan

The outside fan is responsible for transferring the heat from your home to the outside. A malfunctioning fan can obstruct proper heat transfer, which in turn can cause your whole air conditioning system to malfunction.

Are you experiencing these signs and problems with your own unit? Calling repair professionals for help will definitely help you solve the problem.

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