4 Must-Do’s to Maintain Your Pool

man cleaning the pool

During the warmest seasons, a swimming pool offers a relaxing relief to beat the scorching heat of the sun. Before you take a plunge, however, make sure that the water is crystal clear.

Regular routine maintenance is the key to a crystal clear water pool. How can you do it successfully? Pool service experts in Rockwall list some tips to follow:

1. Clean the pool regularly

Remove debris from the pool as soon as you see them. Also, empty your skimmer basket regularly. Cleaning the tile line weekly and the filter every four to six months will prevent buildup. Furthermore, disposing of waste right away and trimming the trees around can help get rid of anything unwanted in your swimming pool.

2. Vacuum the pool

To get rid of piled up waste like leaves and algae, you need to vacuum the pool. Fill the pool and run the hose. Shut off the pump and vacuum the debris by putting it in the waste setting. The dirt, pollutants, and chemical pool treatments will go directly down the drain. Be sure to vacuum fast, though, because water level drops really fast.

3. Monitor your pool

Check if the in-floor cleaning system, ozone system, and the hose cleaner are in good condition. Look for obstructions in the drain. Watch out for foul odors and take note of the water’s clarity. Maintain your pH level between 7.2 and 7.8, so you’ll use less chlorine. Anything abnormal in the usual condition of your pool indicates that there’s something wrong with its system. Early detection of the problem can save you time, effort, and money.

4. Caulk cracks as soon as they appear

Water can get into the pool between your deck and tile by sipping through the cracks. This can be remedied by using clear silicone to fill the gap and seal the crack. Doing so right away will prevent future damage to your pool.

Nothing is as refreshing as the clear pool water to keep you cool on an extremely hot day. To enjoy this benefit continuously, proper maintenance of your pool is necessary.

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