4 Creative Ways to Childproof Your Bathroom

Creative Ways to Childproof Your Bathroom

Creative Ways to Childproof Your BathroomLittle tots are naturally curious and find can get into all sorts of trouble, especially when they learn to crawl and walk. This only highlights the great importance of making a home safe for the little ones as they grow older. You can prevent stumbles and falls by making sure your home is fit for growing toddlers.

While childproofing the play area and bedroom has become almost basic, doing the same for the bathroom is a different story. It takes careful planning to ensure the bathroom is safe for your little ones. Here are some handy pointers to get you started:

Consider Space

You can never go wrong with a spacious bathroom. After all, bathrooms are high foot traffic areas, so you need as much space as possible for your kids. If yours does not have that much room, experts in bathroom renovations Perth families trust suggest renovating. This can give you more options in freeing up space and making your bathroom more accessible.

Maximise Storage Space

Kids tend to have lots of bathroom items like toys, toiletries, and other accessories. It is best to plan how much storage you will need. For instance, you can choose how many slots your drawers have or how wide the cabinets should be. To add more fun for your kids, you can let them label the shelves with papers and crayons.

Choose Flooring Wisely

Slipping and falling are the most common causes of injuries in bathrooms. You can prevent them by choosing the right flooring with anti-slipping features. If you have tiles, for instance, you can put in rubber rugs or mats to prevent slipping.

Have Fun with Colours

Splash the room with colours to add personality and interest to the space. Bright, bold colours for instance, inject a sense of vibrancy and energy while blue and other cooler shades makes the room feel more relaxed.

Childproofing your bathroom is not that hard, especially if you know the basics. Consider the needs of your kids, and see to it that they are safe every time they use the bathroom.

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