Know Its Worth: Jewelry Appraisal

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women jewelries accessoriesWhen looking to sell any jewelry, it always helps when you know the value of your jewelry. A professional jeweler can effectively look at your jewelry and appraise it, to let you know the value of your piece. Sometimes, servicing and cleaning your jewelry before selling it can help you get a better price for your jewelry.

Appraisal is the first step in selling your jewelry, which Utah is a good market for. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that the jeweler has a respectable reputation in the industry. In many places, there are bodies of authority that offer certification to jewelers for their appraisal services.
  • The purpose of the appraisal can alter the way in which your jewelry receives appraisal. To know the value of the piece to get insurance, you need to find out the retail value. For sales purposes, the value determined has its basis upon the historical value of the piece and its composition.
  • Appraising jewelry involves a number of steps, including an examination, taking a photograph of it, inspecting the metal, the construction of the piece, and the weight and the value of the gemstones.
  • Try finding appraisers who charge a flat fee, compared to those who ask for a percentage of the value of the piece. This ensures that you receive an unbiased appraisal.
  • Your written copy of the appraisal needs to include several details to be valid, including the purpose of appraisal, a description along with the photograph of the item, a plot diagram of the gemstones, the estimated value, and the name, the signature and the credentials of the appraiser.

To sell jewelry, make sure that you have your piece appraised first to know its value and selling price. Do not settle for less – literally.

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