4 Popular Sites You Dare Not Miss When Touring Western Australia

Perth City SkylineIf you are touring Australia, you may want to visit Western Australia, the country’s largest state, for some of the most exciting experiences. Western Australia is home to some of the world’s most spectacular natural attractions and iconic man-made destinations.

Here are some of the most popular sites you should not miss when touring the state.

Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory

Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory is one of the most popular whale watching spots in Western Australia. You can see here around 35,000 Humpbacks heading south after breeding in the warmer waters up north, says leading tour service provider All Sea Charters. At 1.7 kilometres, it is the longest timber-piled jetty in the entire southern hemisphere. The underwater observatory allows you to view marine life in their natural habitats, such as dolphins and salmons.

Kalbarri National Park

This national park, which extends about 13 km south of the town, has some of the state’s most attractive coastal landscapes. Spend a fun-filled afternoon at beautiful secluded beaches and surf breaks. The park offers a perfect lookout for spotting marine creatures, such as dolphins and hunchback whales.

Art Gallery Of Western Australia

The gallery is one of the oldest in the state, founded in 1895. If you appreciate art, visit the gallery for a view of some of the world’s finest art collections featuring indigenous art as well as the best collection of Western Australian art.

Jewel Cave

Explore the interesting Jewel Cave found in the small town of Augusta. There are three large underground chambers where you can view an interesting and elaborate network of stalactites and helictites. Take advantage of the tour guides offered there to learn about the history of the spectacular features found in the cave.

Whether you are visiting Western Australia briefly or intend to stick around for a while, you can never run out of fun activities to do. From fascinating views of marine life to exciting experiences exploring the Jewel Cave, the state offers options for you to create lifetime memories.

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