Six Things That Eliminate Theft at Your Construction Site

A pair of construction workers at their site Theft at construction sites is common in Christchurch and pretty much everywhere else in New Zealand. Construction sites are vulnerable because they lack permanent structures and, in certain instances, there are no well thought out security measures. Here are six things you must do to protect your construction site:

Erect a Proper Fence

A good barrier will prevent unauthorised people from accessing your site. If vandals and thieves can easily access your site, they most definitely will ransack it. Proper barriers can also prevent people from accessing dangerous areas, such as open ground, reducing the chances of injuries. Temporary fencing hire is a good option for any contractor working in the capital. Temporary fences can be erected quickly and can be less costly than putting up your own fences.

Reduce the Entry and Exit Points

Even with a proper fence, entry and exit points can be used to execute theft. Multiple gates are difficult to monitor; people with the intention to steal are quick to notice such weaknesses. Employees working on the site, or other people, can utilise that loophole and steal materials and equipment without detection. If you have only one entry and exit point, you can easily monitor what goes in and out.

Inventory Your Equipment

Have proper records of every item or equipment, and have them labelled clearly. All the materials should be inventoried properly and accounted for. Anything that is not in use should be stored securely.

Light up Properly

Construction sites are an easy target for thieves, especially when not well lit. It is easy to compromise a chain link fence and move materials away in the dark without being noticed. Bright flood lights, however, can deter anyone trying to gain unauthorised entry.

Use Security Cameras

CCTV cameras have been proven by many studies as a deterrent to crime. People will shy away from theft if they know that they are being watched. Cameras should be fixed at strategic points throughout the site, to cover the most important areas.

Hire Security Personnel

Even though this may come at an additional cost, hiring a reputable company to provide security is always a good idea.  The physical presence of guards will intimidate most individuals with any plans of theft.

Theft initiated by employees and outsiders at a construction site can amount to thousands of dollars. Have security measures in place to mitigate such risks.

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