4 Things to Do When Testing Your Website

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So, you’ve done the finishing touches on your website development project and it’s now ready for quality assurance. You need to make sure the website works as expected and that you won’t increase your bounce rate because of page functions that aren’t working.

So, before you send your work in for cloud testing, follow these tips to prepare your website for launching:

1. Know Your Client

The most basic rule of every project is to get information about your client. What’s the project about? Who are your target customers? What do you want to achieve from this website? The answers will help you get a clearer perspective of what you really need to do.

2. Try Your Best to Identify as Many Issues as You Can at First Glance

Surely, you’ve heard of the 7-second rule to catch a user’s attention. Though it’s not the same amount of time you should be able to spot mistakes on a website, you should still be able to identify most of them quickly. List down each problem you find and add a description to it to help you identify it faster later.

3. Take the Time to Review Each Page

Sometimes, the biggest problems are the most difficult to find. Don’t just do a once-over on the project; take the time to review all the pages and every function on each page. Make sure transitions and CTAs lead to the right links and don’t just go around in loops. Be patient; it’s normal not to find all the mistakes on your first run through.

4. Consider Users from Other Countries

Does your website have a time zone, address, and phone number field that can be different for international users? Make sure the necessary fields are added and the appropriate options are given.

Be sure to follow your project’s QA strategy, so you don’t have to encounter endless rounds of testing, not to mention an embarrassing launch for your organization. Practice meticulous assessment for every page and you’ll launch a website that will deliver.

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