Quit These Bad Dental Habits

Woman brushing her teeth

Brushing your teeth daily isn’t the only dental hygiene you should keep up with. You should also be aware of the seemingly harmless habits that can compromise your oral health. You may not know it, but the way you eat, treat your teeth, and care for your mouth can undermine the good ones and do more damage to your pearly whites.

Here are the three bad habits you need to quit:

Mindless Snacking (or Sipping All Day)

Continually munching on snacks all day means giving the bacteria in your mouth to multiply, and the acid to attack your teeth. The same is also true if you sip or slurp down on cola, iced tea, fruit juice, and other acidic beverages over an extended period. There is nothing wrong with snacking, but you shouldn’t do it mindlessly. This is to avoid an increased risk of decay, sensitivity, and yellowing of teeth.

Using a Firm-Bristled Toothbrush

Firm toothbrushes wear the away the enamel faster, leading to increased tooth sensitivity or gum recession. This can also make your teeth susceptible to staining. It is best to switch to a soft-bristled toothbrush and avoid brushing aggressively. If your teeth are already yellow, cosmetic dentistry centers in Highland Park note that you can benefit from professional whitening.

Grinding Your Teeth

Doing so wears the teeth down over time. This can be due to stress and anxiety, as well as bad bite and crooked teeth. Your dentist may suggest wearing a night mouth guard to minimize the effects of teeth grinding. If this due to the stress of anxiety, counseling may be beneficial. If you grind your teeth during the day, you can train your muscles to relax by placing the tip of your tongue between your teeth.

Caring for your teeth should be more than about brushing and flossing daily. You should also mind the way you eat and treat your mouth. Be sure to visit your dentist at least twice a year and fix any dental issue you may have like gum disease, cavities, and crookedness.

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