4 Ways to Boost the Performance of Your Car

Man Driving a CarImproving the performance of your car is easier than you may have thought. By following these four simple steps, you can significantly boost your car’s horsepower and fuel economy while improving safety.

Use a larger throttle body

Use a bigger throttle body to add a few more horses to your engine’s power. You can expect an increase of about 20 horsepower, depending on the type of engine you are using. Consult your mechanic to find the ideal throttle body size for your car. Buy only from reliable suppliers. If your car is a 1986 Mustang, buy parts that are compatible with it.

Replace the tires

A good set of tires increases the grip and improves your car’s speed and handling. Additionally, well-treaded tires keep you safe by reducing skidding when you are driving on slippery roads. Make sure the tires are well inflated at all times. Saggy tires reduce your car’s mileage and compromise the car’s performance.

Remove clutter from your car

One way to increase your car’s horsepower is to make it as light as possible. Remove all unnecessary items from your vehicle. Strip down your car to improve its performance, speed, handling, and fuel economy.

Install a free-flow exhaust system

A high-performance exhaust system can make your car more powerful. You may also install a supercharger to improve its acceleration. Forget the rumors about an oversized piping decreasing your ride’s torque. Your engine will love the free-flowing system, as it eases intake, header, and exhaust.

When car owners think about boosting their cars’ appearance and performance, they go for major transformations that involve huge amounts of money. As it turns out, you can get more power out of your engine in simple and practical ways. Follow these tips and watch your beast run faster and smoother.

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