5 Printed Materials You Need For Your Business

Printed Materials in AucklandEven in today’s dominating digital world, every business still needs a whole lot of printed materials to promote their brand. Print media is not yet dead contrary to popular belief.

Signs n Stuff and other printing companies list the five marketing materials your business needs to generate more customers:

  1. Cards. If you have a sales team, they need business cards. If you are offering loyalty programs, you also need cards to give out to your customers. If you don’t have both, you still need business cards for display so people can get one.
  2. Brochures. While it’s good that you have an active social media account for your business, a company still needs brochures to get the word out about a new promo. Brochures can be handed out to people passing by the store or inserted in the local newspaper so it can reach more people.
  3. Posters and roll-up banners. If you are launching a new promo, a poster or a roll-up banner in front of the store can help entice would-be customers to inquire. These simple printed materials, while old school are still effective in generating leads.
  4. Company letterheads. Having your own company stationery is a classy way to advertise your brand to your suppliers, customers and even competitors. It’s simple, elegant and effective.
  5. Paper bags. One of the ideal ways to advertise your brand is when a customer makes a purchase and you provide them with a paper bag that bears your logo. There are also other creative ways to maximise personalised paper bags. A printing company can help you design your paper bags and other printed collaterals that make lasting impressions.

Printing companies can help business owners in Australia produce high quality, professionally made materials for their businesses. From storefront signage and automobile decals to business cards and posters, they can do the job so you can grow your business.

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