Do Not Let Toothache Steal Your Christmas Joy

Toothache in Payson The holidays are coming, and there will be many parties to attend and festivities to enjoy. There is a way to keep your big, bright smile without missing out on the sumptuous holiday sweets.

Here’s how:

  1. Do not go crazy with candy – Candies contain high sugar content which are known to cause tooth decay. While the mouth has hundreds of good bacteria necessary for its function and health, it also contains bad bacteria which feed on sugar to create acid. This acid build up destroy tooth enamel, causing holes, and eventually too much damage that require the removal of teeth. Controlling the amount of sugar in the mouth and cleaning your teeth properly are key to avoid this. This does not mean you have to completely miss out on all the holiday chocolates, of course, but moderation and self-discipline will go a long way.
  2. Eat smart, use tools – It may seem appealing to crack the walnut, chestnut, or pistachios with your teeth for instant satisfaction but spend the extra minutes looking for the nutcracker to open these hard nuts. It may seem basic but using the teeth to open hard objects is one of the most common bad dental habits.
  3. Keep your dentist happy by keeping your appointment – Consult a dental office in Payson for a regular check-up, cleaning, and other dental services to maintain good dental health. Remember that a visit to the dentist is not necessary only when you experience pain of some dental problems. As with everything, prevention is better than cure, and finding a local dental clinic which offers a whole range of services and maintaining a regular appointment there will help keep your smile as bright and toothy as ever.
  4. Keep your stockings, and your dental care stocks full – Load up on toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, and your stock of toothbrush over the holidays. You may need to brush and floss extra diligently to make sure you get all the holiday food off your teeth so make sure you have everything your dentist asks you to use for extra protection.

Do not let a toothache get in the way of enjoying the holidays. Make sure to keep your teeth healthy while you celebrate this season.

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