8 Ways to Smile More Every Day No Matter Your Life Circumstance

Benefits of Smiling

Benefits of SmilingThe small act of smiling has numerous benefits. Researchers from Penn State University found that people with a smile appear more likable, courteous, and even more competent. And according to research by Harvard School of Public Health, smiling can help you avoid and manage health concerns such as depression, diabetes, strokes and heart attacks.

Practice smiling

Despite the many benefits of smiling, adults don’t beam often enough. They smile about 20 times a day compared to the kids’ average of 400 grins a day. People beam less when they’re embarrassed to smile or when life is stressful. If you’re anxious about your smile, talk to your doctor about orthodontics appliances.

If life is stressful, here are some pro-tips for times to practice smiling.

  1. Put on a smile immediately you wake up and make up your mind to smile more through the day.
  2. Set reminders to think happy thoughts and smile.
  3. Smile at speakers: When you’re listening to presentations or sitting through meetings, smile at the person who is speaking. The person with the mike will appreciate your friendly gesture, and you will feel better and more focused.
  4. Learn to smile at random when browsing or working on your computer. You’ll release stress-fighting neuropeptides and neurotransmitters.
  5. When you’re walking, smile at people passing by and add some brightness to their and your day. Some people will think you’re up to something, but since smiles are contagious, some other people will smile back.
  6. Smile while on the phone. Research says you’ll sound happier to the person on the other end.
  7. Put a Duchene smile on your lips when you feel irritated, impatient, or angry. Your mood will change for the better.
  8. Smile slightly when doing sitting meditation or when practicing yoga.

You use “43 muscles to frown but only 17 to smile. “ So no matter your life’s situation, try to smile a little more. Fake a smile if you have to, and you’ll immediately start to feel better. People will like you more; you’ll feel less stress, and your mental and physical health will improve.

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