A New Beginning: The Expectations and Experiences of College Life

College Life in HendersonEntering college is a unique academic and personal experience. You’re told that it prepares you for the real world yet puts you in situations that leave you wondering if this is what real life is. Before going all philosophical, here are some specific valuable experiences college will put you through.

A New Life – College is a place where some high school norms are completely shattered. There’s more independence, a lot more interesting schoolmates to interact with, and professors who can blur the line between brilliant and bizarre. Good studying habits are still necessary since the workload can be heavier, depending on the courses you’ve selected and the institution you’ve chosen to enroll in.

New Expectations – As a college student, you’re expected to deliver your best while managing an economical lifestyle. You need to manage your funds and study hours wisely to get the most of out of both. If you have a car, K.D. Auto Spares and auto mechanics recommend looking for shops that offer affordable spare parts and services. Economize on your leisure budget and maximize your study time. Although getting a part time job will help, don’t get one until your sophomore year to give you time to adjust to college life.

New Connections – Your classmates or roommates will probably be the first friends you’ll make in college, unless you’re attending college with the same high school friends. You might also try getting into one or two school organizations that feature your interests for extra credit and a bigger network. Pick people who are able to connect with you socially while encouraging you in your academic pursuits. All in all, freshman year will mainly involve establishing relationships and discovering one’s personal niche.

Excelling in your studies is a requirement for passing your university course. However, intelligence and perseverance is just one aspect of your education. Create the right connection with people and be wise with your finances and you will make it beyond college.

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