A Quick Guide to Applying Car Window Tint

Car Tint Installation in Malaga

Car Tint Installation in MalagaThere are certain reasons you would probably want to remove the old window tints in your car. The common cause could be that you want to go in for brand new car tinting. There are services providers who can help you remove the tint and apply the new one you desire. It is, however, wise if you know what goes into the process.

  • The necessary tools

It is best to start the removal and installation on a sunny day, as the process can become complicated if the weather is humid and wet. Industry professional tintworks.com.au shares that you will also need the necessary materials and tools for the process. These include soap, water, mask, spray bottle, ammonia, scissors, black garbage bags, baby shampoo, squeegee blade and more. Make sure that all the tools you need are just a hand stretch away.

  • The Removal

Cut the garbage bags into the shape of the windows. Apply soapy water on the window using the spray bottle. Cover the sprayed areas with the garbage bag you have cut. Smooth the bag out with a squeegee blade. Now apply ammonia on the first layer of the bag. Protect the other areas of the car from ammonia and wear a protective mask during this process. When the ammonia is still wet, place another garbage bag over it and smoothen it out. Leave it for a couple of hours. After that, peel the tint from the corner of the window and remove it one piece carefully.

  • The Application

After you clean the window with some more soap water, let it dry out thoroughly. Cut the new window tinting to a little over the size of the windows. Wet another surface that you will use as a peeling board. Spray soap or shampoo water on the window. Remove the backing sheet of the film and wet the tint film before applying it to the glass. Squeegee the film out smoothly and then cut any excess film around the borders of the film. You can use a rag or a hard card to push out any water trapped inside.

Installing new car window tints can be an easy and exciting process if you know what to do. Arm yourself with the right information to avoid lifelong regrets. 

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