Add More Color: Music for Your Video

Music sheet

Music plays a dynamic role in creating a great video or movie. It is a necessary tool that can enhance the story or even give more meaning to the narrative. High quality video clips, along with the right soundtrack, can help convey stories in a more passionate manner.

Music is a powerful catalyst that can help you create an emotional connection with your audience. To choose the right music for your video, here are a few tips to follow:

Music sheet

The Role of Music

In deciding which music is the best for your video or motion backgrounds, you have to consider its role. Determinewhether you are conveying information or explaining technical details to your viewers. This will help you identify the kind of music you should use.

When conveying a detailed info, choose music that won’tgrab the attention of the viewers. When trying to explain board concepts, however, use a music that evokes more feeling.

Consider the Storyline

Review the video’s storyline to plan for the music. Determine if you need fast or aggressive cuts and identify if you want your readers to feel happy, lonely or uplifted. Themusic you need to choose should complement the video’s story line and aesthetic value.

Mood of the Music

The mood of your music needs to suit the emotion you want to convey. You can determine if it sets the right mood by deciding how the music makes you feel when you listen to it. If it matches the emotion you want to convey, you may be on the right track.

Look for a Song

After choosing the genre or mood for your video clips, look for a song. You can also compose one or use royalty-free music. Then, drop the music in the editing timeline and match the pace of the footage.

Don’t just use musicbecause you like it or you think it’s cool. Inappropriate soundtrack can ruin great video clips or motion background. When choosing a soundtrack, remember that you are influencing the first impression of the song. Always consider your script and make sure the song and your narrative carry the same emotion or meaning.

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