Are You Ready for The Apocalypse? Food Stockpiling Basics


FoodIt seems that every week there’s a conspiracy that floats around forecasting the apocalypse. Even if you don’t really believe that the world is going to end next week, it is always better to prepared for whatever disaster—whether from Mother Nature or man-made—than to be sorry later.

Next to water, your long-term food supply is the next most crucial concern when preparing for disasters. During an extended emergency you will face a host of work that you have to do so you and your family should be properly nourished. A well-balanced and healthy diet will likewise aid in strengthening your immune system, which is a vital element of survival.

Consider the following as your checklist as you find food storage that will stand the apocalypse.

Foods to Include in Your Survival Stockpile

• Canned fruits, meats, and vegetables. Ensure that you have a manual can opener ready.
• Foods high in energy like trail mix, peanut butter, granola bars, crackers, and jelly.
• Canned soup, milk, and juices.
• Instant coffee, milk, juice, and tea.
• Food for your elders, babies, pregnant women, and people in your group with particular diets.
• You can include nutritious dried foods, adds, considering that they don’t have high salt content that can make you thirsty.
• Instant meals are also fine, but make sure to calculate their water requirements so you can adjust your water stockpile.
Freeze-dried foods such as vegetables and fruits. Again, make sure you have enough water.
• Beverages in foil-lined boxes or packets.
• Canned goods in snack sizes. Get the ones with twist-to-open keys or pull-out tabs.
• Comfort foods like cookies, cereals, hard candies, and candy bars.

You can live for weeks without eating, but you should eat one nutritious meal daily at the least. This is because you will need to consume sufficient calories so that you will have the energy to carry out your daily tasks.

In addition, make sure to stock up on supplements with vitamins, protein, and mineral content to ensure additional nutrition. Lastly, because not all foods in your stockpile can last as long as the others perform routine checks to see if they’re nearing their expiry date.

Never let any disaster or the apocalypse itself catch you unawares. The last thing you need while trying to survive a post-apocalyptic wasteland is being wretched due to hunger.

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