Building a Pet-Friendly Pool: How to Make It Safe

Dogs swimming in a pool

Pets are very heartwarming to have around. But having them also means that you take additional measures to make your home a pet-friendly environment. The swimming pool is certainly no exception. Here are ways to make it a fun and safe area for your furry friends.


Your dogs may be excellent swimmers, but even their energy runs out when they’re in the water for far too long. They need an area where they can take a timeout. The problem with pets though is that even the shallow end of the pool or the wading area might not be shallow enough for them to keep their head above the water. To address this, you can have an in-water bench or tanning ledge where you and your pets can chill out. Talk to pool builders in Dallas to check out designs for this.

Exit points

Your pets can enthusiastically jump into the water, but they can’t get out as easily. They certainly can’t use the ladder on the side of the pool so you need to make sure there are steps or a ramp they can use if they’ve had their fill of the fun. Mark out exit points and make sure your pets know where they can go to make a quick exit.

Safety cover

Pool covers are used to keep debris out and maintain water sanitation. If you have a pet or child in the house, however, you have to go beyond a pool cover—a safety cover is what’s needed. Safety covers can hold the weight of a full-grown dog, and in the case of humans, they can support the weight of two adults and a child. Also, it must cover the whole area of the pool and not leave a gap where your pet can fall in.

A swimming pool is one of the best areas to have in your house where you can just have fun with your pets. As long as your pool is pet-friendly, you can have precious moments with your furry friends without any worry.

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