Buying the Right Diamond Ring at a Brokerage

Buying Diamond Ring

Buying Diamond RingThe jewelry store isn’t the only good place to get your would-be fiancée the perfect diamond engagement ring. Even eBay and Craigslist are home to excellent finds if you’re lucky. But brokerage businesses are also a great source of pre-loved jewelry at discounted prices, especially diamond pieces.

Aside from offering diamond jewelry as collateral for a loan, the real advantage of going to this place for engagement rings, according to Hull Loan Systems, is the opportunity to find items with great stories behind them. As brokers wouldn’t really buy pieces without much market and sentimental value, you should be confident to find the perfect diamond ring that’s worth a lot in more ways than one.

So, how exactly do you find and buy the right engagement ring for the love of your life? Here are three sound practices you must embrace:

Finalize What You Want

You should already have a clear idea of what kind of diamond ring you want. Stepping into the shop without any prospect would only slow down the shopping process.

The size, color, and clarity range, as well as the diamond shape, are the factors you must decide on beforehand. Doing your homework should go without saying. Arming yourself with the right information would guide you every step of the way.

Bring a Friend That Knows Better

Not everyone has an eye for fine stones. If you feel you’re not a good judge of diamond rings, ask a jewelry-savvy friend to accompany you.

It helps if your friend wears a diamond larger than what you want. That could serve as a good point of comparison.

Make Sure the Gem Is Untreated Diamond

To buy your girlfriend an engagement ring of high quality, aim for an untreated diamond. It’s usually hard to tell if the stone is treated or not, at a glance. You might even look at a fake diamond, for all you know. In most cases, you just have to take the word of the broker.

For your security, if the broker says the piece is untreated diamond, make sure to have it in writing. If a different appraiser says it’s treated, you have every right to return it to the broker with that document.

Choosing to go to a pawnshop for an engagement ring doesn’t make you cheap. Being untraditional is never a flaw, but it requires you to exercise due diligence to ensure you buy the right diamond.

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