Caring for Your Hearing: How to Avoid Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss in WashingtonHearing loss can be inevitable with age. However, it can happen earlier if you are not careful. Once the damage to your ears occurs, it is irreparable. There are, however, steps that can help you prevent hearing loss, and it isn’t just about going to your audiology clinic in Washington.

Causes of Hearing Loss

Noise is the primary cause of hearing loss. Noise levels beyond 85 decibels can damage your ears through prolonged exposure. Busy city streets have around this level of noise. Exposure to higher decibels means a shorter exposure time before damage occurs. A jackhammer, for example, can cause damage to your ears in less than five seconds. Sudden, loud bursts of sound can do the same thing.

Less common is hearing loss due to medication. Certain antibiotics like high doses of penicillin and some anti-inflammatory drugs can damage your ears. If you are prescribed these drugs, you can ask about the likelihood of hearing loss. You can then talk to your physician about taking alternative medication if you’re worried about the side effects.

Warning Signs

If you develop tinnitus, a ringing or other similar sound in the ear, it may be a symptom. Other symptoms may include having difficulty hearing people talk near you. You may also experience a sense of fullness or pressure in your ears after being in a noisy area. Watch out, too, if you feel vertigo after movement accompanied by nausea.


One simple and easy way to protect your ears is to wear earplugs if you do work in a consistently noisy area. Be wary, too, of using earbuds when listening to music. Keep your music at a low enough level for you to hear sounds around you. Your music is too loud if people at arm’s length distance have to scream at you for you to hear them.

If you live in a busy and noisy city like Seattle, Washington, you may want to take additional preventive measures. Going to a clinic can help you maintain the health of your ears. Consultants and professionals in the clinic can educate you on how to protect your ears and prevent hearing loss.

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