Remodelling Your Bathroom: What You Should Consider

Modern Bathroom DesignThe bathroom is one of the rooms in your home that can offer privacy and comfort, if it functions well. Colour, layout and fixtures are among the things that homeowners prioritise during bathroom renovation or remodelling. Aesthetics will be useless if your new design will not work according to your needs and lifestyle.

Avoid unnecessary spending by knowing the important things to consider while remodelling your bathroom.

Hide Them or Show Them

Avoid layout mistakes by making sure your fixtures match or fit your plumbing and electrical line system. Let professional plumbers from study your bathroom set-up before buying new equipment or furniture.

For an industrial or vintage look, expose the plumbing lines appropriately. You can also hide them behind the sink pedestal or the fixtures for a more modern look.

Moreover, typical shower drains use one and a half inch pipes that accumulate dirt and hair more than their size. To prevent clogs, upgrade your drains to two inches or according to the size of your framing.

Too Big or Too Small

Use smaller tiles for your shower floors. They offer more grip and are easier to slope for proper drainage. Larger textured tiles can also be less slippery, but their grout lines are farther apart, offering less traction. They are more useful on bathroom floors or walls.

Consider the previous construction of the original tiles when planning to replace them. A wet bed is an old style that places tiles on a slab of concrete on the floor system. This style, especially when used on wall tiles, is hard and expensive to remove.

Function or Aesthetics

Most modern homeowners choose curbless showers, but the floor must be high enough to slope the tiles into the drain. You can also consider using solid materials for your shower sill, such as stone or quartz, to avoid water sitting in grout lines.

As you increase the thickness of an area’s floor, transitions follow for the rest of the bathroom.

Wall-hung toilets are also gaining popularity. They save space and look appealing for a modern bathroom. Consider a big rework with the drainage or water supply of these toilets because their tanks are behind the wall.

When redesigning your home or a part of your home, always consider your own needs and preferences. You cannot guarantee what will attract a future buyer if you are planning to sell your house in the next five or 10 years. Look for stylish fixtures that offer quality functions to provide a more comfortable experience and add value to your home.

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