Challenges Associated with Filing a Disability Insurance Claim

Person filing an insurance claim

It’s bad enough that you suffered an injury at work; it’s worse because it has stopped you from working. But there’s more. You filed your claims with your insurance company, and you get denied. Now what? You are injured, unable to work; your money is running out and your insurance company is denying your claim.

What if your disability is serious and you can’t work anymore? Working with a disability insurance lawyer might turn things around.

In California

It doesn’t matter if your disability insurance had been provided for you or you got it for yourself. What matters most is if you get into an accident, you can get your benefits because that will spell continuity of life for you and your family. Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming homeless.

Disability insurance rules in states such as California are strict and if you’re filing on your own, you will get lost in this maze. This is where an attorney can help.

Types of Disability Insurance

After you’ve been taken to the hospital, the next most important thing to do is look at your insurance coverage. Do you have long-term or short-term coverage?

  • Short-term disability insurance means you will be covered for a short period, typically lasting between three to six months or up to a year in California, in some cases. That’s why these types of policies are less expensive.
  • Long-term insurance is more expensive because if your disability persists over six months, you will still be covered even for a lifetime if you are disabled.


Injured woman consulting a lawyerYou may be injured, clearly in pain, and unable to work, but your insurance company said you’re not. They insist that you can work; therefore, you will not get even a cent.

Don’t fret. If you get denied, review your insurance plan or package immediately. Maybe you misunderstood something or made a mistake when filing your claim. Next, have your doctor review your case to ensure that your condition does meet the criteria of being disabled. This will be followed by a resubmission of your claim, preferably with as much supporting documents as possible.

In the next 45 days, you will receive a response to your claim. If you’re lucky and was extremely diligent in your application, you’ll get approval. But more often than not, it’s a delay or an outright denial. This is the right time to turn to a disability insurance lawyer in Los Angeles or any other location.

The Challenges Associated with Claims

It’s a given that insurance companies care for profits and some of them will manipulate and twist their rules to avoid paying on a claim. Some of the reasons for a denied claim include:

  • Paperwork – Perhaps in its attempt to deny payment on a claim, disability insurers would go to the lowest of the lows. Missing documentation, a simple mistake, or a missed deadline in the submission of the paperwork could be used as a ground for denial.
  • Medical evidence is incomplete – You need to prove beyond doubt that you are disabled. If you don’t, your claim will be denied.
  • You’re not really disabled – All of a sudden, disabled insurers are experts on debilitating disabilities. They have their own definition of ‘disabled’. If you don’t meet their criteria, you will be denied.
  • You’re a star! – You’ll have people with cameras following you. You’ll feel like a star, except these photographers are trying to get photos of you doing things that you’ve said you can’t do. This way, they can disprove your claim’s legitimacy.

You deserve to get the financial benefits entitled to you. Hire a lawyer who can fight for your rights and help you get what you deserve.

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